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Avelinger for sale

Haflinger quality horses for sale. Indiana Haflinger Horse Association welcomes you to our website. Sell and buy Haflinger for free. If you can adopt, why buy a Haflinger horse? We' ll email you when we find a Haflinger horse near you for adoption.


Haflinger was established 50 years ago as a privately held company and is the biggest producer of cooked yarn in Germany. Led by the grandchild of the company founders, Haflinger is known on many foreign countries, not only for its cooked woollen clogs but most of all for its excellent processing and excellent qualitiy.

Gerda Hoehm began importing Haflinger onto the US in 1990. Over the years, the company's portfolio has grown to encompass a wide variety of products, including felted lodges in genuine leathers and woollen felt, sandal cases and a group of breathtaking apartments with detachable insole. Haflinger wraps your legs comfortably and stylishly, no difference which way you choose.

Cooked wools and felt have been used in Europe for at least 70 years, but are relatively new material in the state. It' s the spa qualities, the breathing activity and the smoothness of the two nature material that are the secrets of their succes! In addition, it is a naturally insulating material - it keeps your legs cold in summers and hot in winters and guarantees year-round wearing comforts.

Haflingers shoes made of cooked wools and felt are good for both normal and problematic toes. Avelin Haflinger supports and fosters an energetic and healthful way of living with shoes that combine naturally breathing material with vital ankle rest. Haflinger shoes improve people's lives by improving their general condition and fitness. Hiking with Haflinger means daily well-being!


is there an Haflinger in your destiny? The United Savers Association (USA) is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to maintain the company as a whole - if and as far as possible in this contemporary age. Described and developed as the USA Research Ranch, Willow Brook shares information with like-minded people and farmers to maintain a way of living that is in serious jeopardy of vanishing forever.


For more information about registered Haflinger stallions call Holly Singleton at 650-269-6866! All ours are in CONSTANT schooling. We' ll work really harder to find the best training/personality and size for your wishes in a single equine. Click on the NAME button for many of them. Detailed description of each stallion.

For more information, please send an e-mail to topofthelinefarm.com@gmail.com or call 650-269-6866 to talk to Holly about any of your interested ponies. Begun Cheyenne20151414.3+ projectedSky x ChanceHaflinger mare2000groundwork. Chica201614.1 projectedCeyla x skyhaflinger filly2000bloodlines! Track times, show times or matchdays. People are good with handling them and know how to interpret the behaviour of them, but they need extra training for trail/show or rideing/driving.

A trained stallion who shows extraordinary talent and sensible, quiet behaviour. IntermediatePerson is ready to teach a trained equine. LATEST SALE: Sparky201314.3+rides w/t/c trailer, Limited Distance aercQuarter horse, darkin, amazing bloodlinessold, thanks to MonicaSTUNNING mares thoroughbred in full education intermediary riders or riders with coach to end them in any performing-careers.

Ashtray Wednesday 200314WELL bankrupt, training filly, therapeutic filly, riding and trips, quiet, peaceful, quiet trails horses, thanks Chris!timid beginners, if you can climb on a horses, you can rid them. Single 2015 Samurai x BelleHaflinger Wallach thanks to Francois! There is an extra 3% cost if you Click on the symbol to go to Paypal.

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