Haflinger Horses for Sale

Horses for sale in Hafling

Haflinger horses and ponies for sale. Chestnut brown all the time, Haflinger are a small breed, robust and designed for light pulling or crockery work. If you want to find gold in our classifieds when looking for horses for sale, don't miss the Haflinger horses. Wellcome to our Haflingerhof. The Haflinger horses we breed and sell take pride in their quality.

Hafling horses for sale

Beautiful young Haflinger 14H2 " gifted and robust Haflinger stallion is now available for a new home. "Rusty " Haflinger soft, friendly and courteous! The Windy Hill Farm specialises in safely deployable horses and Ponys..... all have.... A Haflinger filly with 1 handful. She is a very smooth and smooth filly..... 2004 AHR Stute is riding and riding!

The Winnie is a very beautiful filly that can be enjoyed on a trail or a 4-H-hygro. Stable Haflinger with good hoofs (has never wore boots before) and no health problems. I' ve got a great Haflinger filly for sale. Junio is an 11-year-old filly who is bankrupt with a child and a man.

is a 6-year-old Haflinger filly. is an 8-year-old Haflinger filly. Beautiful offspring of Accolade (80 points stallion) out of an A Rock filly. He is long-legged, has a beautiful skull and a.... He is the breed of.... weanlings North Tyrol colts foal foals GoGorgeous!

Hafling horses for sale

If you are looking for a really beautiful and beautiful animal, what a great offer you will find in our classifieds. The Haflinger, called after the city, comes from the scenic Tyrolean Alps between Austria and Italy, on the foil, the filly to which today's Halfingers can return their ancestry.

In the aftermath of the Second World War, the Austro-Haflinger breed was taken over by the Austro-Haflinger family. Arlin, a stud by Charles Bobo of Foothill Farms in the Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina, was the first Haflinger horse to be bred in the USA. Famous for its distinctive gold colour of chestnuts, the Halfinger is one of the most attractive horses for sale in our classifieds.

Ages: Handmade, custom-made wooden frames for stables for horses and events.

Horizons Haflinger Horses

The horses we raise are shown at large stud shows and open USDF/USEF-rated shows from shore to shore in the USA, Mexico and Canada and win online in young horses tests and under horse saddles in training, events, hunters and show jumping, against warmbloods and many other races.

USEF Dressage Horses (2015 and 2011) and Reserve 2017, 2016 and 2012 USEF Dressage Horses are the USEF Leaders Breeder of Haflinger Dressage Horses and we consequently breed top class Haflinger horses. We are focussed on top class and quantitative horses to ensure that they receive the greatest possible level of attentiveness and wellbeing.

Customer satifaction is our top goal, and we try to find the right horses for the right people. It is our conviction that horses must be highly trained, easy to ride and enjoy working, as well as a feast for the eyes, an outstanding exterior and proper movements. and are by HOLD, SILVER, ELITE, SUPREME, STAR, and/or NATIONAL CHAMPION sires.

Our tested broodmares are all SILBER and GOLD classed and tested broodmares, all presented to Westphalia NA (RPSI), are licensed for breed and have reached Studbook I state with two CHAMPION NATIONALE stallions with AHR, AWS, Rel. and USDF title, as well as competitions and year-end progam.

Horses of our broodmares programme are licensed for stud and classed with AHR in sterling and GOLD, as well as licensed for stud and registered in the main stud book of RPSI, partly with premiums. Stellar TVR, our SILBER classed import horse, is @14.

He has a family tree full of horses with Golden ratings, ELITE blood lines and European and World Champions. Stellar has quickly made a name for himself in the Haflinger and sport horse worlds with his outstanding physique, his strong movements and his marvellous character and has written a lot of annals for the race in North America.

Stellar visited the National Pony Cup Championships in 2017 - his first year on the first class - which included her breeding for young horses. The NDPC DSHB Overall Reserve Grand Champion, Reserve Champion Mature Horses and Champion Stallion. Stellar was the first Haflinger to take part in the American Stallion Licensing in 2013.

Achieving an excellent overall mark of 7.98, he obtained life-long breed approvals for both the Weser Ems and the RPSI (stud book I). He is also the first Haflinger stud to have been licensed by the American Warmblood Society and has won two of five stallions in the Five Star Recognition Program (/*/ /*/ /*/ /*/ / /).

Stellar was appointed USDF All-Breeds National Champion Haflinger in 2011, with the highest average in the open and IBC categories of all Haflinger in the state. tellar was the best placed horse on the AHR U.S. licensing in 2011. Stellar fillies tested by RPSI so far have been honoured with gold or high silver premiums, with several winners and highly rated mares, and his first filly, the RPSI, was admitted for stud in the main stud book I in 2015.

Stellar fillies are very popular, almost all are sold almost entirely in utero, sometimes two years in advanced. The majority of our horses are not only AHR but are also RPSI certified. Breedingfor sports and fun! Excellent achievement and breed perspectives with excellent training ability, ridability, excellent work ethic and the wish to please!

At Haflinger we are proud to be a founder member of the Haflinger Owners' Promotional Enterprise (H.O.P.E.). Also we are a member of the AHR ("American Haflinger Registry"), Weser-Ems (Pferdestammbuches Weser-Ems e. V.). Breeder's Society, RPSI (the section of the Horse Breeders Association of Rhineland-Palatinate-Saar), AWS ( "American Warmblood Society"), NASPR (North America Sport Pony Registry), USDF (United States Dressage Federation), USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) and USSBA (U. S. Sport Horse Breeders Association).

Stellar TVR, our Austrian import colt, in July 2017 at the National Dressage Pony Cup, where he was Reserve Grand Champion at the NDPC DSHB Championships; Stellar's first filly out of our Supreme mare R Noble Rose APF, Ressonance of New Horizons, shown in June 2017 in Alaska at a show in training recognised by the USDF, where she won all six grades, which she won with marks up to 72%;

Skirt My World New Horizons as biennial, Stellar's 2015 Gold Premium colt out of the AHR Supreme Mares R Noble Rose APF; GOLD classifies Rafinja of New Horizons (Stellar TVR x VPrSt Ricola DTA), 2014 RPSI Gold Premium (8. 1 ) and Site Inspection Champions in her AHR 2018; Stellar filler RPSI Gold Premium, Rafinja of New Horizons, out of our AWS National Inspection Champions Silber and RPSI Premium mares, VPrSt Ricola DTA, shows her strong jumping at the RPSI 2014, where she was Site Champions filler and received Gold Premium Position with a total of 8 points.

1; Rivendell of new horizons (Stellar TVR x VPrSt Ricola DTA), 2014 RPSI Gold Premium (8. 2 ) and Site Inspection Champions over nine warmblood and sports horse colts; Mythical TOF, our seventeen-year-old broodmares by Gold Elite Aristokrat TOF and out of the star filly Malvina TOF; the newest member in 2018, Silver classifies PIM's Third Verse VHH, as Lilly, the daugther of Alfa of Genesis, a National Champ and the highest AHR GOLD classed and tested stud in the world, and the GOLD classed National Championship filly, Poetry in Motion VHH at her 2018 AHR exam, where she scored 78 points;

Lilac Farms' Reahna, farmed by us and held by Dreamfield Manor Farm, shows her amazing jumps with Chelsea Deephouse at Buck's County Horse Park in PA in 2013 (photo: Jennie Deephouse); AHR GOLD classifies Rosina of New Horizons (Zeena), farmed by us and held by Dreamfield Manor Farm, under the Saddle of AHR National Show 2013, where she won the first place in all her training tests!

A full brother to AHR GOLD (82 points) Radiance of New Horizons (aka "Chela"), the AHR Test Champion 2015, the top-rated mare of the year 2015 (draw), Rosina is now the second best mare in the AHR Test and Ranking Program's annals! She made her USDF Waterloo stallion performance test in June 2016 with Tori Morrissey, where she took home two 72% of points in 2 different bands!

Our RPSI Premium and AHR Premium Champion filly, Ricola DTA by Gold classifies Adanac; A Black Tie Affair NW_HRZN, anka " Tux ", sired by us and bought in the uterus of Jennie Deephouse by Dreamfield Manor Farm, shows his excellent movements at the young age of four years at the KILE Haflinger Breed Show 2014, where he was appointed Grand Champion Stallion/Gelding.

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