Half Draft Horses for Sale

Semi-drawn horses for sale

The Ace is a breathtaking Belgian/happy cross draft horse. With our online stallion directory you will find design stallions at the stud. Beautiful medium pony for half or full time on the farm. We specialise in corrective fittings, preparation of horses for show and/or sale.

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There are also a few training crews that we use for driving, as we use them to discuss and work on our arena and meadow and for Sunday visits to the school. There is a great diversity of horses and multiples to choose from and we always try to have a good breed of soft quarter horses with a good mind and posture around us.

There is also a good choice of top grade pads that we use for everything: work cow, mountain horseback ride, event rodeos and pack. We' ve got a big old bulldog. In recent years, we've started working with a few stylish half-draft crews, which we really like.

These are great horses that you can be close to and work with because they are willing to be willing and willing to please and to be quiet and tender. They' great in the hills, good to drive, yet practical enough to work herds. Click here to see some photos and video footage of our daily lives here at the farm and in the hills.

It' s important to us that both you and your horses or monkeys are lucky with each other, and we are proud that our monkeys and monkeys ride and work to the best of our abilities in the arenas, at work or on the way. Taking good care of all our horses and horses, we believe that each and every one of them is an individually.

Our primary objective is to get to know each and every one of our horses and every one of our movers and shakers and to find the best pet for you and your needs. The horses and monkeys owed us so much because each one of them will give us a better one. It is a blessing to be able to live together in the hills and on the farm, and we look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in finding your new favourite horses or monkeys.

If you have any queries, doubts or wishes for further photos or video footage of our horses and mules, please do not hesitate to do so: we are looking forward to hearing from you:

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