head collar

Halters (US) or halter (UK) are headgear used for guiding or tying cattle and occasionally other animals; they fit behind the ears (behind the survey) and around the muzzle. A bitless headstall made of rope or strap placed on the head of animals such as cattle or horses to guide or bind them. We' ve got a wide selection of leather, nylon and rope holders from all your favorite brands including Tory, Rambo, Kensington, Big D, Weaver and Walsh. A set of straps that are placed around a horse's head so that the horse can be guided or tied;

a piece of clothing that is worn on a woman's upper body and held around her neck and back by straps, leaving her back, arms and shoulders free. With a horse halter from Schneiders you can guide and handle your horse safely in the stable.

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