Halter Lead Rope

Lead wire holder

Halters, Lead Ropes & Necklaces The rope halter is provided with elaborate pearl work on the front thong. Supplied with a 10 feet leash. This professional-design halter has two strategic nodes that act as points of contact on the horse's nostrils to keep an eye on a young or challenging one? This is a woven, smooth yet robust rope halter with a shallow lug and a suitable 10-foot leash.

High-grade leatherneck with smooth, flexible calfskin and cushioned nose strap, cheeks and head. Fittings made of bras and decorative seams make this holster perfect for show or all-day use? All our holsters are made of high grade polyamide and all fittings are made of massive yellow metal for long life and long life. This holster has a curled neck, an adjustment part of the top, embroidery for every load.....

Manufactured from hard-wearing yet light and supple polyesters, this lead rope is pleasant to wear and long-lasting. Availible in different colours, suitable for our Nylons. This is a densely woven and robust rope halter, which is supplied completely with a suitable 10-foot leash. Rope holster is made of long life and easy to clean long lasting polyamide.

Comes with a 10-foot long leash. Comfy for the pony and cozy for you, our SMx neoprene chest collar provides a practical and safe way to keep your col.

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To bind your rope holder correctly, fasten your guide rope to bind holder: Guide the end of the rope through the rope eyebolt from behind, over the right side of the eyebolt, wind backwards, put over the wrong side of the eyebolt, then run under the double rope and over the strap-eyebolt.

Adjusting the noseband: The noseband cables are connected with guide cable straps after they have passed through the finador node. Unstress the fastener node by holding it above and below the node and pressing it together. To get a bigger nosepiece, move the rope from the lead rope loop through the fastener to the nosepiece.

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