Hamilton Halters

Hammilton Halter

Hamilton is an image of strength and beauty that has been accepted by horse owners throughout America. Are you looking for a durable halter for everyone under your barn roof? Adjustable solid brass holder with snap fastener. Hamilton nylon holsters are made exclusively from high-quality, durable nylon fabric, yarn and hardware to ensure a long service life.

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The company quickly developed into one of the world's leading manufacturers of large and small animal healthcare. We have inherited our original concept of convenience, qualitiy and elegance, in combination with our innovation in the field of luxury nylons and leathers. Rugged design, robust material and cutting-edge design reflects our dedication to the security and convenience of domestic and equestrian use.

The Hamilton line is manufactured using only high-quality, long-lasting polyamide straps, threads and hard-ware. The handmade leathers are made from the best plant retanned skins. The colour, décor and range of our brushes offer our clients a high level of value with a long and reliable service time.

Search for the Hamilton® trademark in large animal markets, staple retail outlets, catalogues and the Internet.

Nylon halter with press stud, purple, Medium

Hamilton is an image of power and elegance that has been adopted by equestrian breeders throughout America. Every holster is made of 100% 100% cotton fabric, twice stitched and three times thick. The 100% Nylons are stitched in a nail pattern to give the holster shape and stiffness for a better fitting.

The holster is fitted with five massive copper eyes in fire apertures, giving it a dual protective panel to prevent the eyes from fraying. Three doubly brazed bands, two specially manufactured load points and a twin rod nose clasp are constructed to fit much more flatly on the horse's heads, eliminating any risk of skin ingress. 1D Halters and Arabic Halters come with a massive brush tip that makes bending simpler than ever before.

There is also the unmistakable look that makes it a Hamilton holder. Hamilton - The Cadillac of holsters. but I still buy them because I can't do anything better. Hamilton Halters I like and that is no exeption. but this holster is an excellent fit for our needs.

We' re leasing a steed and it's always hard to find halter in the haystack that are not in use, so we wanted to buy our own. âThis is great simply for my 9 year old (and me) to get on and off the horse....plus, the colour is great (which is quite applicable to the colour in the picture).

It' a very good holster.that last and I use them all the overtime. I have received many congratulations on the beautifulness of this shiny turquoise holster on my darkbrown Arab. This is the highest grade holster ever! I' ve ordered two, which are the best holsters there are.

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