Handmade Horse Bits

Handcrafted horse bits

Sell or buy, new or used, handmade silver pieces, spurs and buckles. Hand made bits & spurs for sale: Startpage - Hardware - Handmade; Handmade Bits. All are handmade by a single manufacturer from start to finish.

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Dee's Sweet Iron Offset. "5 "5" cooper distorted mouths. This chisel is made of stainless steal and the jaws are equipped with brassy cone. Custom Horse Saddle Bits Custom Made Hand Made Very Detailed Tru deautiful Vintage 5 1/2" Really nicely portrayed bits avec rouleau de cuivre fièrement fabriqué aux USA par Hufschmied und Mike Edwards aus Oklahoma.

"Five " mouths. sweet iron~ 5" square cigarette basket one by one square port morning~ 8" cavalry cheek / tank ~ west horse show / coaching bit~ ice solution! Ned and Jody Martin bits and spurs, motifs, techniques and modern makers. The MAHUE Handmade Spoon Port Brushed SS Show Bit.

"Five " cute little Ironmouth. Includes 2 1/4" high x 2" connector. Real handmade Roy Robinson High Porth sod. Shank polish finish steel with brass jaw. Handcrafted Roy Robinson c 5 " bits portrait. Handcrafted ROY / ROY ROBINSON High Wide Port-Feature Reoring Horse Flag ~ 5" with the name ROY. Hard-disk is ~2".

"Five " mouths. It is 4 7/8" width and 7 1/4" long. To sell is a nice used teeth with an especially broad mouthpiece. These are the most convenient Paso Fino Bits to keep your horse's jaws safe. Handcrafted from high-quality high-grade high-grade steal, this Paso Fino-Bit has been precisely designed for functionality, qualitiy and longevity.

Beautiful handmade piece by David Andrews. It' 8 1/4 inch long and 5 1/8 inch width. Brushed finish nickel-plated brushed high-grade steal. It is a beautiful sterling silver plated metal milling tool from the famous British manufacturer Pat Gonzales. It is a very light weight bite made of mild alloy with a weight of just over 12 oz.....

It is a beautiful and smooth suede material with two stitches. "5" FULL-SIZE HORSE LOW-PORT. Handcrafted mosaic. Handmade Pistol Horse Bit stainless steel, iron & bronze on display rack 8. "5 "5" Handmade Stainless Steel, Iron & Bronze Horse Bit Including Iron Display Stands Dimensions: "6 "6" Width x 8. 5" Great condition:

A very good handmade antique item with only a handfull of stamps and..... Mouth is 4 1/2" wide (for a smaller horse). And the harbor is crazy too.....

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