Hanoverian Horse for Sale

Horse from Hanover for sale

Hannoverians are a German warmblood breed, which is mainly used as a sport horse or in show jumping. Please click here: Handmade, custom-made wooden frame for horse stables and event stables. Hi, my name is Dave and I am a registered Hanoverian looking for love and work. The Hanoverians all have association and/or AHS papers. Hannoverian show jumper for sale.

Hanoverian for sale at Warmblood

It is a mare foal! and she couldn't be more beautiful! big fire and 4 high white top prospects for young horses by Rascalino (Rotspon/Velten III) out of the Hanoverian horse named darling-h (Danone I/Gibraltar). Darling H is homeozygous for the dark genes and can therefore only grow brown or males. And Rascalino is also dark, so the chance of a young generation is high!

Father Rascalino Rascalino is a wonderful Rotspon's brother, b. 2001. First in his test with the astonishing marks 8 for personality, 8 temper, 8 readiness, 8 exterior, 10 for jogging, 9 gallop, 9 walk,..... It' a CloT! beautiful deep cove with two hind stockings. Cut out of the face!

It has an extraordinary aura, a great motion with hind legs working perfect under the centre of focus, an amazing gallop and excellent temperature control. Os for trotting and galloping in the end test, 9. 5 each for personality and motivation and 9. 25 for rideability: Londontime fines... 2018 (Londonderry/Walt Disney/Trapper) x Capriole (Contucci/Feiner Stern/Askan), maiden name May 2018.

"This is a big, chic and beautiful filly with a big step. The Capriole is a 17. 1 handed Hanoverian filly. Cute, straightforward and amateur-friendly! For sale: 2h Hanoverian horse by Royal Prince/Tambourin/Bismarck. The TJ is one of the cutest and healthiest youngsters we have ever sold.

TJ's awesome character and his prudent manner make him very suited for an aspiring horseman in a programme to raise the standard..... 2 hours importing Hanoverian FEI schoolmasters. He and his ham driver have achieved many victories in the CDI Small Touring Circuit. Ideal for amateurs and young riders.

Marek Wylie (Toby) is a cute, secure Hanoverian horse out of world tenser. Well with other ponies, can be grazed or stall with every day soft. He can do lungeing classes, suited for beginners and experienced riders. He is another beautiful, almost dark coloured horse with a full stallion base.

A sweet, easily processed and a day-to-day pleasure horse. The Whittaker is an eye-catcher 2017 foal. Lace up in chromium, this stallion foal will certainly stand out in the show ring. Already on the meadow he shows his gallop and his even-trottage. Whittaker's father Windfall CB is known for his high class sports horse with high rideability and good temperament.

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