Harness Bridle

trapezoid bridle

You need a selection of driving bits, driving lines and harnesses to ensure that your horse can ride comfortably and trouble-free. Massive brass sheet for attachment to bridles or other leather goods. The plates are set in the middle of the bridle crown. Leather Show horse size harness with silver bridle.

Teeough 1 Bridle Training harness

To exit this roundabout, please use your speed-dial button to move to the next or preceding headline. To exit this roundabout, please use your speed-dial button to move to the next or preceding headline. The Tough-1 Overcheck Training Bridle made of durable hardwearing dark brown suede with messware is exactly what a newcomer needs to steer the horses in the right directions.

Exercise bridle in ebony. An award-winning work. Lucky with this bridle.

Horses identification trees

Every equine is different, just as every exercise programme is different. That' s why Walsh offers different brushes to help you with the necessary skills to be successful. Beata and PCN are two of the most advanced fabrics used in many of our racing equestrian products. Made from a thicker, nylon-based fabric, PCN is then plated with flexible plastics to produce plastic-coated and BETA fabric.

They have a leather-like haptic with the easy-care qualities of a synthetical material. Walsh's innovation enables it to manufacture high-quality race gear that blends the classic look of leathers with the economical and long-lasting qualities of it. In addition, we are supporting those trainer who favour the use of Nylons or leathers.

Only the best harness skins and elastic waistband are used to help your harness racehorses. Unlike anyone else, Walsh is in the genius and qualitiy of bridle for selling on the mar.

Bridles, Martingale and Venetian blinds for trapeze races

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