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West Fall Pro Ascend Tower harness. Climbing harness DBI Sala ExoFit NEX Tower. Your safety belt is an important part of fall protection. Finn tack harness bag, with trotter print.

Safety equipment - Safety

Security should be a top concern for your company, regardless of the sector. Possible occupational health and safety issues can include fire, electric shock and chemicals. Falling is, however, one of the main causes of injury in the work area. Impact prevention devices are indispensable to avoid and alleviate the consequences of an incident.

Protective equipment such as railings, seatbelt, netting, and harness can help protect your staff and thus help prevent injuries. Additionally, OSHA requires containment solutions for site crew subjected to 6 ft or more vertically falling. Give security top priority with the right anti-drop equipment and tools.

Safety belts for fall protection

We' ve been concentrating on high-altitude industry and drop prevention for the last ten years. An important part of your crash prevention system is your seat belt. The seatbelt must not only be practical but also convenient. There is a large selection of 1 to 6 D-ring harness, special harness and equipment.

A few things you should consider when selecting your harness are the material the harness is made of (D-rings and other connectors). The number of D-rings you need, connecting points, sizes and certificates. Each safety harness is equipped with D-rings made of aluminium or sheet-metal. Aluminium D-rings are light, but more costly.

On the other side, metal D-rings are less expensive, but much more heavy. Spacers, connection points and dimensioning: Quantity of D-rings required depends on your particular needs. The size will vary by brand and we have a size table to help you make sure your harness fits the way you need it to keep it on.

If you are considering full length belts, it is important to consider the certification you need to comply with them. When you work in the United States, you will need a harness that conforms to Angi Z359.11-2014. AnSI Z359.11-2014 describes the security precautions for a harness. When working in Canada, you need a harness that complies with CSA standards.

The CSA harness must comply with the CSA Z259.10-12 Full Body Harness Standard. We offer a wide variety of harness types from 1 to 6 D-rings, special risers and a variety of harness equipment. The harness is a complicated part of your safety harness. It' the highlight when all your equipment comes together, and without it your equipment can't do its job.

Helps you take your harness to the next stage. We offer a range of harness equipment including telephone and radiosholsters, belt cushions, lanyards, D-ring extender, seat belts, harness harnesses, ID holder and much more. Bring your harness to the next stage with this range of attachments. That'?s why not all harnesses are the same.

Special belts are conceived in such a way that they offer not only the same safety against falling as normal belting, but also additional safety for certain things. Our special crockery includes nursery crockery, electric flashing crockery and Hi-Vis crockery. You are not sure which harness you need, or are you looking for something special?

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