Harness Horse Equipment for Sale

Dishes horse equipment for sale

Knowing how valuable riding and horses are to you, our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to do what they want the most. Walsh complete harness set with hobbles and brand new leather bridle that has never been used, harness is like new and only used a few times. SOLD:""SOLD""Carriage and Zilco harness for horse pairs. Trapeze equipment - clear - barefoot Supergrip Long reins take a PEEK! Number one in miniature equestrian equipment and equipment.

Standard drawn horses & equipment for sale (Post Time USA) Public Group

10 hours TOP flying filly, 4 years old, JUXTA COWGIRL. Ultraconsistent, hard-working filly with a barrel of goal velocity that can take first place in the sky all days. It has a grade of 1:51.0 and this year has made nearly 95,000 dollars; 209,000 dollars life. This is your filly if you are looking for an ultra-beautiful, beautiful and potentially stake players for the next seasons.

Horse Sale Kit for Friday at Pompano Park - Harness Racing Newsroom - USTA

The Pompano Beach, FL --- A Horse Sale will take place on March 14th at the Pompano Park circuit in the drivers area. Sales begin at 11:00 for equipment and at 13:30 for horse, donated by Reliant Equine International, Inc/Jim Brown & Dean Beachy and Associates A22992. High-class racehorses were transferred as well as 2-year-olds in education who are approved for the stages in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida and Indiana.

Photographs of sold equines are available at www.facebook.com under "Reliant Equine International" and at www.ongait.com. New and used horse equipment, jogging cars, horse trailers, etc. will also be sold. When you have horse-related equipment for sale, please call Jim Brown at 954.263.1999.

Incoming divestments

Equipment sale takes place every morning from 8:30 to 9:30 and on the first Sunday after the horse sale. Racing bicycles and jogging cars are on sale in the afternoons. The horse trailer is shipped on the second trading date of a two-day sale at 9:00 a.m. and on the second trading date of a three-day sale (November).

Horses Frank Chick harness sale

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