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Harness, Vernon, Colombie-Britannique. The Majestic Masterpiece Masterpiece Harness.

Josef Miller, who bought the horse for the wealthy, died at the age of 93.

He made his father's modest harness store in Manhattan into one of the biggest providers of stylish upholstery, horse clothing and other horse gear and passed away on June 12 at his home in Manhattan. He was reaffirmed by his own boy Daniel. Mr. Miller was Chairman and CEO of the Miller Harness Group from the early 1940' until 1975, when it was divested to another group.

Until then, his LL in Miller in the form of high British equine jackboots was known throughout the world. In 1912 - when horse-drawn carts and unusual coaches were still on the road - Mr. Miller's sire, Mayer, opened the store at 123 East No. 24. street.

He was a Russian champion, as he was called when he came to America. In the mid-1930s, shortly after completing his studies at James Monroe High School in the Bronx, Joseph Miller began working in the store. Finally, under his guidance and with the help of his sibling Jack, Miller Harness grew into a five-story company with plants and subcontractors in England, Germany, Argentina, Japan and India.

Will Mayer Miller passed away in 1962. Mr. Jack Miller, the company's Chief Operating Officer, passed away in 1994. In the 1950', when Miller Harness was attracting more and more horse lovers all over the globe with its high-quality equine equipment, Miller Harness became a multi-million dollars one-year shop specialising in haute fashion in horse sports and selling more than 10,000 articles for horse races, sports rides, chestnut hunts, training and competitive horsepower.

And together with H. Kauffman & Sons, an also well-known tack shops and a horse short goods dealer a few minutes away, Miller Harness made the East24th Street bloc "the horse epicentre of New York", as the New York Times described it in 1975. Miller remembered that a lady once took her horse to the store's hoist and consulted her dad about a marching bag - a belt made of genuine cowhide, which prevented the horse from tossing its face so high that the horseman was beaten in the face.

As the youngest of four of Mayer and Augusta Rosenberg Miller's sons, Joseph Miller was in the Bronx on October 12, 1917. In addition to his spouse and sons Daniel, he is alive with another child, David, and five grandkids. MPO Videotronics acquired Miller Harness in 1975 and later transferred the ownership of the name to another dealer in equitation equipment.

There used to be an old wood horse in front of the shop. The shop and the horse are gone.

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