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Ancient World Harness - Reins selection. "Traditional dishes, the way your grandfather used them. ""The finest saddle leather in the world, made by Hermann Oak Leather Co. Begin your next leather processing project with high quality leather, leather processing tools, machines and hardware from Weaver Leather. Sirona / Leather &

Skins / Cowhide skins / Bridles, harnesses & Base Leather.

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Herman Oak Harness Leather Straps, 13oz

For all our leather straps we use the same high quality harness leather as for our saddle packs. We' ve levelled the leather sides to an even 13 ounces (5.2 mm or 13/64") thicknesses. Every band is then manually trimmed and bordered from the best part of the skin.

It is recommended that you buy a separate band to ensure that this is the desired leather before ordering large amounts. Exclusively using Old World Hermann Oak trapeze leather for our belts, saddles, buckles and chest collars. Commendations from Hermann Oak? Hermann Oak has continuously been setting the standards for the leather industry since 1881 and is today one of the few US tanners still in existence.

You know that the best leather starts with the best skins. Hermann Oak Leather Company uses only first-class heavy U.S. Native Steer Leather in its St. Louis factory. You are still using the fine grains of nature in your browning eyes for beautiful wealth and textur. Leather is dyed until it is hard, smooth and taut.

Your experienced engineers then work by handwork on each side for a sleek, even, even leather work. Perfect for saddle and saddle clamps, Hermann Oak harness leather provides extraordinary resistance to weathering, strength, cut and longevity.

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