Harness making Equipment

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In the future, fully automatic block loading and cable harness production will become increasingly important. The Schleuniger Group is a global manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic production machines for the wire harness and cable industry. Any type of cable/wire manufacturing/processing equipment and accessories.

Manufacturing machines and equipment for the harness and wire industries

The Schleuniger Group is a worldwide supplier of automated and semi-automated manufacturing equipment for the harness and cabling industries. The Schleuniger product range includes a large choice of equipment for trimming, striping, crimping, welding and coding of cables and wires. Boew designs and manufactures custom designed equipment for the harness and cabling industries as well as screened cabling work.

The Feintechnik R. Rittmeyer GmbH is a well-known producer of machinery for multi-core wires. The band machining experts are located onndal. PRO.EFF GmbH delivers devices for seal mounting and sensing leads. The Ramatech Group is a major supplier of wire feeders and roll handlers. The Ulmer GmbH is a well-known producer of wire and pipe cutters and feeders.

The WDT Group is one of the world's largest suppliers of hand tools and crimp presses. Zoller + Froehlich Z+F offer a large range of wire harness and switch cabinet construction solutions.

Harness adhesive tape systems

CAM's customized banding and dispensing equipment is used in a variety of industry specific insulation, protection, tying and winding of wiring looms, electrical spools, busbars, plastics and more. Tape is made of polymide, vinylic, film, glas, glimmer, epoxy films, polyesters, woven papers, filaments, fluorocarbon films and other material.

The term helical ribbon is used to describe a machine that applies the ribbon along the entire length of a cable harness. Scroll bandaging looms operate either by drawing the harness through the bandage top or by guiding the bandage top along the length of the harness. Two fundamental ways to conceal the wires.

Eccentrically or concentrically, which bandaging process is best suited for your special bandaging applications depends on how quickly the band is to be attached and the workpiece dimensions and shapes. CAM's Ring Wrapping Machine System not only improves the wrapping fabric and texture of the overlapping, it bonds in just a few minute, which can take hundreds of years to bond by hand.

Our machinery is designed to glue all types of cable looms, cable, fibre optics, busbars, insulation washers, rigid washers, hoses, all types and dimensions of electrical spools and even tapes.

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