Harness parts Names

Harniteparts Names

Harness part names vary from region to region. Here you will find parts that are simply explained in the graphic. It can sometimes be very painful to learn the names of even the smallest parts of the harness.

The wiring harness consists of many parts

Which is a wire harness? Since 1987, the cable harness has been our mainstay. All Sumitomo Electrical Wiring Systems develops and produces high performance and dependable wire harness solutions for the automobile industrie. Harnesses are an organised harness of wire, terminal blocks and plug connections that run throughout the car and transmit information and electrical energy, thus play a crucial part in" connecting" a wide range of different parts.

Might and information travels through this net like the circulation and CNS of the man. With automobiles still offering sophisticated features, their components need more and more electronic components to conserve floor spaces and fulfill other demands. SEWS, an expert in designing and constructing sophisticated circuitry, develops wire looms that make an enormous contribution to the engineering and further developments of automotive OEMs around the globe.

An exact look at a common harness shows a grid of electrical strands, plug connections, clips, terminals, tapes, wound pipes and jackets. Cable looms are made up of various cables that are grouped together, each cable being used to transmit the electrical signal and electricity when the motor, lighting, counters, navigators, electrical window regulators and door and other equipment in the car is started.

Many different kinds of cables are used in a harness. While some grades are more versatile, heat-resistant or cold-resistant, others may be smaller to facilitate routeing or bigger for more power-intensive items. It is another important element that helps us to guarantee the best possible product of all our harnesses.

As a connector for wire and cable within an automotive vehicle, a connector must operate in an environment with high temperatures, vibration, water, electro-magnetic disturbances and other environmental influences. By making greater use of information technologies, we have created a wide range of plug and socket connections and other equipment that connects cable to a modern car's satellite receiver, TV and other Waves Receivers.

Clamps are the current-carrying connecting points between the cables and the characteristics in the car. Manufactured from a wide range of metal, these parts can be plated differently to fulfill a range of requirements.

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