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For all Pari Mutuel routes/trade shows for that day, click on a day of the week to see the entries & results. Immediate access for Saratoga Harness Race results, entries, post positions & pay offs. Harness Racing New Zealand official site.

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Looking for the latest race results? You can find everything you need to know about races and results as well as about trotting tracks in the USA with just a few simple steps of the mouseclick. It is quick and simple to keep up to date with the results and registrations of races.

Then click on the racecome in the top lefthand side to go to the U.S. Enttries & Results page. You' ll then be taken to a page listing the coming races on our circuit and the latest results. If you click on the corresponding date on the map, you will receive current information about each course on our circuit for the respective date.

It can be of inestimable value whether you want to place a wager for an imminent event or whether the horses you have placed a wager on in a recent trotting event end in cash. For the latest results, click above!

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The Harness Race is a variant of horseracing, in which a carriage is pulled by an equestrian, which is known as a Sulky and has to start at a certain speed or bog. As with most horseraces, these events also have a wagering database at most circuits in the United States, often equipped with traditional trotting programmes that include information on past performance, meteorological condition and stake.

Harness racing in the United States is restricted to standard harness racing for standard harness racing which is a race of lightweight thoroughbred animals specifically designed for harness racing, pacemaking and harness racing. The Harness race includes many different strategy and a well-trained equestrian and equestrian, because the participants have to either leave the goal quickly or finish well and quickly, according to the area.

Drivers usually build two tracks, one on the inner and one on the outer tracks. You can put a number of winning strategy into practice, which includes putting boxes in other ponies or wait in the bag of the leading rider until his pony tyres on the last fourth of the course.

Equibase, founded in 1991, provides a list of races by course and date for all courses in North America. Equibase became the only company to provide registration services for the Daily Races form in 1998. Equibase provides a website, enhanced mobility platforms and mobility apps with a website content panel with handicapped users' access to statistics and videos.

The USTA will list items and results by date and tracks for the United States. U.S. Trotting is a nonprofit organization of standard breeder and owner, breeder, driver, trainer and official, organised to offer its members administration, regulatory, license and stud register management and service. The USTA keeps in excess of 700,000 race and stud record-breaking standard widths and information on thousand of riders, coaches, growers and owner.

Standard Bred Canada will list records and results by tracking or date for trapeze trails in Canada. They can also browse the organization's website for horseman, rider and coaches. Besides the provision of records and results, Standardbred: TrackMaster's Virtual Stable allows you to sign up to get e-mails when the registered ponies are registered, or you can fill out a racing registration sheet.

Virtual Stable provides for trotting races intermediate and novice handicaps, horse, rider, trainer and owner related content, results and replay, portable applications and even third parties' music. On the TrackMaster website you will also find similar information on the topic of thoroughbred races.

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