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N & A Harness Shop in Ohio. Weaver Leather Harness, Biothane Wende, Weaver Leather Harness in Ohio. You are welcome to order your harness, saddle or harness online. Neal's Harness Shop, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.

We proudly manufacture high quality harnesses in our shop in Shipshewana, Indiana.

Paradise, PA

You want high-quality tacks and harnesses for your horses? In addition to extraordinary items such as tableware, rein and rein, we also provide you with high-quality, tailor-made leathers. For more than 25 years we have been offering you handcrafted old-timers. 2018 The contents of this website belong to us and our licensees.

You may not copy any contents (including images) without our permission.

Mini Harnessraft Horse Harness harness

We will answer your question as soon as possible, preferably by telephone, and talk about your requirements for the harness. In addition, we have an expansive collection of historical harness catalogues from the 1880s to the 50s. The catalogues contain 1000 pictures and description of both periodically accurate and regionally specified cable harnesses. We' re happy to work with you to find and manufacture the right harness for your needs.

Discover the surroundings

We proudly manufacture high value tableware in our shop in Shipshewana, Indiana. Shipshewana' s gentle slopes, extensive farmhouses and welcoming people make this the ideal place for us to maintain the traditions of making delicate cups. On the upper level, the production area produces customized tableware on a day-to-day basis, while the major storey houses the widest selection of handcrafted equine produce in the area.

All of our amic artisans work together to make sure that we still have the best handcrafted equestrian gear available. Specialized in draught horses. We' ve got experienced tableware manufacturers. We have a highly qualified and welcoming team that will make you home. Below is a list of Shipshewana Harness Shop & supplies, as well as some of the nearby accommodation, restaurants and outdoor pursuits.

The Peach Lane Tableware Shop

Situated in the beautiful Amic farm landscapes in the south of Lancaster County, Peach Lane Harness Shop provides its clients with the best in top of the range produce and thoughtful services at affordable rates. Since 1992 in private ownership, Abner Esh has grown up in his father's workshop and is now the proprietor of this trustworthy tableware shop.

Together with his five competent staff, he is responsible for the high-quality styling and workmanship of suitable handmade harness made of polyamide and bicotta for the horse from miniatures to designs. The Peach Lane Harness Shop also produces Nylons and Betas drift bars that are known for their smooth haptics. The Peach Lane Harness also has a large number of necklaces, stroller pad, eventers, neckbands, leashes, a large range of equipment and much more in stock.

Safeguard your horse's healthy, strong and vital state with a high-quality range of direct-acting DAC and Nutra-Glo vitamin and mineral supplements. Please call the shop to get the latest price for all our items.

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