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Seraph Universal Harness Guardian Fall Protection. Please see contact information and details for Harne's Store. Here you will find dog harnesses to help you run and train your dog. We provide leather and nylon walking, training, pulling dog harnesses and so on. We at Walsh have pulled out all the stops when it comes to developing horse racing harnesses that exceed your expectations from daily jogging to the race track.

Seat belts - Guardrails

The Duraflex® full belts are made of a man-made rubber fabric. Conceived to expand for ultimate convenience and portability while adapting to the form of the wearer. Standing D-rings allow easy fastening. This full length harness is intended for use in general building and industry. It is made of high-strength woven and alloyed iron.

All-titanium II belts are equipped with safety locks and polyesters for reliable crash safety in general building and other industry use. Offering 5000 lb. of ultimate breaking load, they are fully customizable for convenience and flexibility. The Miller® non-stretch full length belts are made of light weight polyamide belts with subpelvine belts for additional hold.

Retractable D-rings with D-ring cushions for added convenience. Kevlar® belts are included in Arc-Rated belts. In addition, they have full metallic fittings with full grain insulator for added safety. Workman Full Bodysuits are equipped with light weight parts and robust strap. Gelbeester fabric provides better visual appearance and the colour contrast between the upper leg and trunk bands makes it easier to put on.

Seat belt collar styles help keep surplus straps clean. The Delta? full length harness is made of a robust woven fabric structure with a Delta No-Tangle pattern that keeps the harness in place and makes it much more comfortable to put on. Cushioned, spring-loaded D-rings on the back ensure additional convenience at the back, at the back and in the back and allow fast and simple connection.

Crossover belts have front D-rings for climbers or limited available height. Vest style straps with side D-rings make working with the straps easier. Full-bodysuits. AirCore have been developed to offer comfortable and secure fit for various use. The front D-ring straps are perfect for climbers, descendants or rescuers in tight areas.

Ergonomically shaped to minimize touch around the nape of the head, lower back and thigh. The steel hardware is light and long-lasting, with breathing, open cushion ing technologie that provides an optimum airflow to keep operators cold andry. Oils and gases wiring harness are intended for operators on drill and servicing platforms.

ExpoFit XP full length straps contain waist padding and straps with straps.

Lateral D-rings for working positions allow hands-free use. Full length Protecta Protecta® Pro? belts have an XXL pattern with padded shoulder, back and leg. Long-lasting Revolutionary Revolution? straps have shape-retaining memories and self-contained upper and lower part adjustment for all-day comforts. Back guards adapt to most forms of bodies and keep the D-rings in the right positions while minimising the collision of karabiners and self-retracting canvas.

The Protecta® First harness offers a fundamental safety against falling for general use. Adaptable waist and shoulders for extra convenience and grip. The MSA full length belts are equipped with light weight parts and robust woven fabric to ensure convenience and safety in tight space conditions and general industry use. Belt retaining collar helps to keep surplus strap clean.

The ExoFit NEX full length belts NEX are specially developed to prevent tangling and comfort. They' re light and light, yet long-lasting, with integrated non-slip shoulders, hips and legs. Windpower harness with radio and Lad-Saf® holster on the front and detachable straps on the harness that allow the user to wear the harness when ascending a steeple.

In addition, they have aluminium D-rings at the front, rear and sides as well as integral waist pads with belts and loinguards. The main features of Arc-Rated belts are a Nomex®/Kevlar® design with flame-retardant and non-conductive characteristics. This also includes PVC-coated aluminium D-rings on the back. These ComforTech? full length belts with gels, storage foams and back supports ensure greater security and convenience.

The Petzl full belts are equipped with semi-rigid, broad hip belts and knee slings to assist with the spring. Belts have self-locking waist belt clasps and easy to adjust shoulders. Designed with an X-shaped posterior design, it reduces load during post-heading, enabling the user to stay hanging for longer with less lasting injury.

Drop indications indicate when the harness has fallen and must be removed from use. The full length belts are made to be light and long lasting. Every model has an X-shaped shape that winds around the wearer's entire anatomy for ultimate convenience, mobility and usability.

The inner liner is highly breatheable, making the harness convenient all the time. The buckle is colour-coded and can be operated with one hand. Sleeveless straps are simple to put on. Featuring form-following and 5-point fitting for a better grip. The harness with shock D-rings are perfect for use in tight spaces.

Each of these safety jacket belts has an inner cape for confusion-free use. Waistcoats are made of open net fabric with a breatheable liner that keeps the user cold andry. Front and back compartments and lap belts enhance convenience and flexibility. Full length belts are equipped with quick-release buckle, side and back D-rings.

The use of the strap fabric can help keep the wearer cold and sober. The harness is fully reclinable to increase your level of safety and not stretchy. They are available for building, rock-jumping and general industries. This harness is conceived and built in such a way that it can be put on at an angle and sits comfortably and securely. Waistcoat Delta? Harnesses have sewn-in, highly visible straps. In addition, they are characterised by a robust woven fabric structure which is water-repellent and abrasion-resistant.

The Miller® versalité non-stretch full length belts are made of light weight woven knit fabrics with subpelvine belts for added hold. There are also adjustable D-rings with D-ring cushions for added convenience. TechnaCurv Full Figure Upholstery is equipped with a curved linear harness system aimed at providing absolute wearing comforts. A viscoelastic shock pad, a woven sorbtk on shoulders and pelvis cushions and a Teflon weave that is resistant to moisture, oils, grease as well as soiling.

Each Tower Climber full-body harness features high-quality, highly absorbent, cushioned D-ring adjustable D-ring stud. Shaped, sewn legrests ensure convenience and safety, and double door holders help keep lanyards in neutral. The torsion adjuster with springs ensures a low tread and the fittings made of wrought aluminium alloys ensure additional safety.

The Miller Titan II seat belts are developed to provide dependable anti-drop security in general building, production and refining industries. As well as increasing site security, they provide greater convenience and a better grip thanks to lightweight, strategic cushioning for optimum air flow when working at height. High-Viz colored strap.

The Falltech® Arc Flash harness is made of Arc-Flash-resistant Nomex and Kevlar web. The arc resistivity is also enhanced by the use of laminated D-rings and webbands. Sitting straps have semi-rigid, broad, foam padded waist straps and legrings for superior position and comforts. The hip belt back fastening points are used to support straps and can also be connected to the upper straps (sold separately).

Protecta Comfort Vest-Style positioning belts have a rigid D-ring to minimise the need to readjust the working day. In addition, they have a fast joint between legs and breasts as well as D-rings on the back and sides. Used in the automobile, building, general industry, general production, metalworking, defence upkeep, MRO, coal, petroleum, gas and transport industries.

The Protecta® harnesses are engineered to deliver user friendliness and ease of use in a wide range of uses. Available in four versions to suit the needs of particular sectors. Constructio Style has an Easy-Link web adaptor and air-permeable back and waist cushion. A standard construction style with active breathing shoulders and hips.

The Comfort Vest Style has a moisture-transporting, breatheable back cushioning, a buckled tongues and a continuous breast pad. The standard Vest Style provides a slim, light weight choice. They all have firm D-rings to minimise the need to readjust the working day. The Protecta® Vest-Style Retrieval harnesses are slim and light, with snap fasteners on legs and breasts. In addition, they have a rigid D-ring to minimise re-adjustment throughout the working day.

Self-returning lanyards allow you to park your carbines and karabiners quickly and easily, and the crash indicator makes it easier to check the harness for damaged impacts. The Protecta® Vest straps provide a comfortable fit, with back cushioning and strong D-rings to minimise the need to readjust the working day. In addition, they have toggle fasteners on the legs and breasts as well as D-rings on the back and sides.

Used in the automobile, building, general industry, general production, metalworking, defence upkeep, MRO, coal, petroleum, gas and transport industries. The Protecta® comfort vest harnesses are characterised by moisture-transporting, breathing back cushioning, a tongue-buckle-leg joint and a continuous breast joint. Used in the automobile, building, general industry, general production, metalworking, defence upkeep, MRO, coal, petroleum, gas and transport industries.

The PeakWorks Contractor Full Bodysuit harnesses are intended for general industrial use. These are equipped with belt and belt straps with frictional passage and belt straps with tulle. Made of a strong and durable woven fabric.

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