Havens Horse Feed

Forage for Havens horses

High-grade horse feed The HAVENS Horse Feed - established in 1845 - is a leader in horse feed and horse-feed. We are headquartered in California, USA, and are proud to offer the best pellet, blends and muesli in the USA. The HAVENS Horse Feed supplies horse feed and accessories for high-performance ponies. Since 1845 we have been continually refining and refining our feed.

We can deliver the best horse feed in California and the USA! We at HAVENS have only one goal: the best possible diet for your horse or barn. HAVENS horse feeds are 100% 100% organic (100% vegetable) and contain no substances of animals in them.

These feeds consist of high-quality components in carefully selected recipes and are packaged in 44 or 55 lb sacks of cardboard.


The HAVENS Horsefeed line includes a full feed programme for all areas of equine sports: leisure, horse breed or (top) sports (e.g. show jumper, horse show jumper, horse racer, motor racer, trotter, western or stamina).

Each horse has different needs, depending on race, workout level and other requirements. We have the right food for every horse or barn. No matter if in low, middle or high education, in husbandry or for special requirements (e.g. Laminitis, Colitis, Eczema).

HAVENS' range comprises several high-quality granules, muesli and blends. This is a range of high concentration feed additives made from 100% pure nutrients with tried and tested results. Commodities are vitamines, anti-oxidants and aminos, herbal and leaven extract, plant oil, chromated microelements and flavor. We use only the highest grade components such as chromated microelements, cashed/coated vitamin, naturally occurring flavors and anti-oxidants (mainly aromatic and/or ethereal oils).

The minimum storage time of all our grades is 24 month (except EquiForce B+ and oil (12 months). They are all free-flowing, easily dispensed and dust-free powder (except EquiForce Oil), tasty and well received by the horse. All EquiForce ranges are shown below:

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