Hay Bags for Horses

Bags for horses

Powerful, durable hay bags and hay nets allow you to feed your horses almost anywhere on the farm without worrying about them eating too fast. It also includes horse hay racks, hay bale bags, hay nets, hay bale wagons, hay feeders and hay machines. Horses that seem to inhale their hay in record time would find the installation of a Hay Hoop feeder and net the simplest and most durable option. Straw bags are typically nylon bags with a large opening in the top to introduce the hay, and then a smaller opening on the side for your horse to eat the hay. Find the perfect hay net for your horse on SmartPak.

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Long-lasting, large-volume hay bags and feed minimise hay losses and stimulate horses to slow down. Sturdy hay bags for trailer and stables help prevent hay losses and discourage horses from eating so fast. The hay bags are simple to suspend and fill.

It also includes hay rack, hay bag, hay net, hay trolley, hay hopper and hay machine. Dura-Tech® haybags are available in various types. According to the models, the characteristics can be 600 or 800 Dn PVC laminated polyesters for extraordinary strength, dual side slower feeding pattern, open top for simple load, suspension belt with rotating push button, strengthened stainless stell belt to keep the top open and split feeding holes in fabric.

You can even find hay bags for the designers Ecuine Modeista and a hay bag that can be used in trailer or stable niches. The Dura-Tech hay netting allows horses to browse free so they can absorb a constant stream of fibre to improve their indigestion. Demand for slow-feed horses for stable-bound horses that have indigestion problems or tend to eat compulsively.

Also available are robust 600 density hay bales and multipurpose bags, hay rack, a hay trolley with castors and hay management equipment such as thread trimmers and hay hook.

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The Half Hay Bags - Practical hay bags make travelling with your horses even simpler. The 600 deniers pocket fit snugly into an avarage half ball of hay. With grommets on the front and back for venting against humidity formation, sleek inner liner also keeps away penetration of urine in the event of sudden changes in rain.

It has a strong, nylon-covered, strong synthetic bottom that retains its form, a top zipper for ease of carrying and two long grips that make it easily transportable.

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