Head Roping Horses for Sale

Heid-Roping Horses for sale

Heel and head horse, solid and mature, suitable for all levels. He's a finished head horse and great at the heel. Presa Calf Horse & Head Horse. Presa Calf Horse &

Head Horse. Rodeo finals in Gallup, New Mexico, as a head horse in Team Roping.

Horses for sale

These are geldings from my great colored stock Strait Ol Pain, which we reared and rais. I' ve ridden him at the Wildfire Open to the World, The Patriot, The American Semi-Finals, as well as numerous Rodeos Clubhips. It' even natural for me to attack him in the Open's at US Ropings, catch him in the 15 &13, and then Audrey will ride him into the 12 Down.

Fits in every scooter. One of the most willing, friendly and gifted horses we have ever had! READY & TRAKTED HEADHORSE. He has been to the World Series, US Roping, US Finals and this year the Windy Ryon. You' ll be a lorry and trailers looking for a steed with the looks and talents that he has, and only 8 years old!

Purchase it in September and earn cash at the US finals in October. This is a sales showcase!

Horse for sale

Prices on request Date of birth: 29 February 2000TIE DOWN CLALF FOR SALE - Booth 14. A chestnut filly who has won everywhere. Other riders and trainers include Scott Shelton, Josh Peek, Jermiah Peek, Jeff Copenhaver, Gary Johnson, Ryan Studdard. Click HERE to see the family tree.

Date of birth: April 30, 2005Rocket is a nice, dark filly, standing 14. She is a fast and very tough stallion. A very sporty horse, practiced by Gary Johnson and Doug Clark. She' s a very conspicuous dark filly, who can be turned into anything you wish for.

Click HERE to see the family tree. Date of birth: March 14, 2003Finished necktie and headstock. Appeal to the prize date of birth: May 10, 2005 Molly is standing 15 arms and develops every days in talents. She is a lightweight chestnut filly that could be described in the right palms as a "finished veal horse".

It was rode by Doug Clark and Gary Johnson. Click HERE to see the family tree. Date of birth: April 28, 2005ALL AROUND Dune FORSE SALE - This large mares is a soft and huge dune filly, 15 years old. At the 2012 Junior High National Final Rodeo in Gallup, New Mexico, she was a headstrong member of the roping group.

The Tilley is a sturdy headhorses, which can also be used in deep down or brokeaway. Educated by Mark Miller and Gary Johnson. Click HERE to see the family tree. anniversary around the world - Simba is a beautiful, striking brown filly with 15 arms. To see the family tree, click HERE.

Date of birth: April 14, 2007ALL AROUND PROSPECT FOR SALE - Diamond is a sturdy ranching animal that can move livestock or ropes. He' a very handsome and very well breeded one. Click HERE to see the family tree.

Nice ranching pony, good head pony, very done. Date of birth: April 15, 2002 Nice Red Roan filly. In her time she was a great all-round pony, but she had to retreat. She is still very quiet and enjoyable to ride, she has a great temperament and a big temper.

They can also look at their family tree by click HERE. Price on requestBrood Mara, the most beautiful filly on our yard. Don, the stallion for sale on this page, is out of this filly. Good fucking mover!

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