Heavy Duty Horse Rugs

Horse Blankets Heavy Duty

Most stable ceilings are made of highly durable synthetic fabrics. Blankets - heavy, middle, lightweight Do you want your horse to stay hot and tidy in all weathers. Horse stall covers are available in different colours and designs to match any horse or stall decor. There is a large selection of price ranges to suit every price. If you look at horse stall rugs for purchase, you will probably be remembered to buy coats for your own needs.

They need shelter from cold to icy conditions and your horse too. You may want to have more than one thick blanket, according to your horse, climatic conditions and your horseback plan. Please be aware that stall covers are only suited for stables and not for the crossover.

Sturdy blanks are available in three different base weights: Light - Use a light, sturdy ceiling when the nights get cooler, but before the real coldness really begins. Keeping your horse tidy before an autumn or early season show is easy with a light cover. Intermediate - Most of our mounts are good in cool conditions with a moderate stall cover, and if your budgets allow only one cover, this is your best one.

Heavy: In very low temperature a horse can profit from a heavy cover. Even ageing and shorn ponies need a heavy stall cover. Most sturdy ceilings are made of highly durable synthetics. A number of sturdy covers are made of sailcloth or wools or contain these as lining.

Maintain and clean your barn cover according to the manufacturer's instructions. The most sturdy ceilings are equipped with buckles and belts to keep the ceiling in place. Legs belts prevent the ceiling from sliding in the back, and some makes have belts that go under the tails. It is important that a barn cover fits your horse.

It is too big and your horse may get a jammed ankle or a massage of the shoulders. It is too small and your horse may have friction in various areas. Using a measuring tapes, run it from the center of your horse's breast over the shoulders to the end of the ceiling and over the pen.

For example, if the resulting dimension is 80in. this is the solid ceiling you need. When your horse is 79in., select the slightly bigger 80-inch barn instead of the 78-inch one. Sturdy ceilings are generally only available in straight lengths. If you put the barn cover on your horse, it should look right and comfortable.

Do not let the floor of the stall cover drop below your horse's knee. Do you want him to get lost in his ceiling?

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