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Purchase draft harness and bits for sale now. Locate heavy harnesses. A range of heavy horse harnesses. Necklaces and shoes for heavy horses. L for Leather supplies and produces high-quality work harnesses and supplies work collars and shoes for use with heavy horses.


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The Heavy Horse Bandit. Heavy Horse It Up:: Decorated harness class at England's Shire Show 2011

At the National Shire Show at the East of England Showgrounds in Peterborough, England, the decorative harness design is kept going every year. The" Dekorated Harness" category, which takes place every year at the Shire Show in England, must be one of the most extraordinary horse show categories in the run.

It is a review of ancient days when decorative tableware mattered....and that in turn went back to the origins of superstition that shaped peasant ritual. These gorgeous horse blowers hanging from a harness are not only for decorative purposes - they have one purpose: to keep the horse from the evil eye!

There are two award-winning harness categories at the National Shire Show in England. The first is for traditionally made, brazen tableware, the second for" other local decoration (flowers, ribbon, yarn, etc.)". And all the ponies you see here were in second year. Decorative harness courses are organised every year at a number of heavy horse shows and plough games in the UK.

In an outdoor stadium in sunny weather, the light reflected by the harness can be dazzling; the bad eyes would have no opportunity! A solid grey Shire, Leapley Yeoman, finished four. National Shire Show is the only show I have seen that provides stallion tests for draught horse events, complete with musical training.

In addition, they present a "Best Shod" prize in each category and have a great show champ "Best Show Horse". Shire Horse is regarded as a scarce race, and this exhibition works very harshly to make the race known to the general population as an appreciated part of England's farming heritages.

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