Heavy Horse Harness parts

Harness parts for horses

The BROWN Horse Team Beta Biothane Hame Style harness. Horse height at withers. Harness parts from Draft, Cross & Haflinger. The mule harness is different from horse harnesses.

A great harness for competition driving, pointing or recreational riding.

Comfort Fit harness

comfy-fit harness. Maintainance-free plastic belt. Comfy Fit harness is specially developed for the horse's wellbeing. Chest cuffs, saddles, clasp and abdominal girdles are covered with either super smooth gravel skin or vinyls wound around a smooth felt overlay. Comfy Fit harnesses are made of extremely hard-wearing plastic and are upholstered with either extra-soft gravel skin or comfortable and comfortable vinyls wound around a smooth sheet of closed-cell cellular plastic cushion.

The harness is stitched with heavy duty sewing threads and a lockstitch. Comfy Fit is the same grade as the Comfy Fit harness, but instead of a smooth leather-covered cushion ing, the harness is padded with a very smooth wafer binding made of vinylic. It is for those who do not have enough free space to thoroughly wash and lubricate their harness on a regular basis.

The Carefree harness does not contain hide. These dishes can be cleaned or cleaned with a water tube. Careless Harness benefits: Waved chest neck - Add a small bend to the front of the neck to reduce strain on the horse's neck. Comfortable chest neck with swivelling buckle - this low curvature neck is for added convenience.

There is also a swivelling clasp that keeps the clasp in line with the puller. Comfortable collars with swivelling clasps - the Comfy Collars is a crossing between the luxury chest collars and a collars. Gives the horse more traction than the luxury chest collars, but is not as heavy as a regular collars.

Comfy' collars are variable in size and have an articulated neck-terret and a swivelling track mount. High-grade steeel hangers - allow the use of a necklace with your Comfy Fit harness. Prosciutto and necklace can be bought in combination with the chest collars to give you more riding opportunities.

Covered seat with expanded cushioning - The cushioning stretches to the side of the seat for added comforts. Covered slidding back strap seat with prolonged cushioning - The seat has a movable back strap that glides when the carriage stocks move. In this way it is prevented that the wave on the nut will move downwards. It also has a longer cushion.

Neck Strap - Terrets can be shifted up or down for optimum line positioning. It is ideal for competition rides, shows and leisure rides. For pony and pony. Please note: It can take 3 to 4 week before a harness is delivered, according to the harness used.

For ordering a Comfy Fit harness:

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