Heavy Horses for Sale

Heavier horses for sale

You will find heavy horses for sale in our category Horses & Ponies. For us and many in the horse world, our Clydesdale and Shire horses are very special animals. Shire is the largest - and one of the oldest - of the British horse breeds. Driving horses are making a comeback. Most of the horses are self-bred and belong to the family.

Heavy-weight horses for sale | Horses & Ponys

Cypsian Sands Master of Magic = Asta was borne on Monday 12.12.16 out of our 14.3hh Standardbred Mare Morticia. Her sire is Watermark The Alchemist a 12,3hh Gypsy Cob stud by Storm Ridge Stud in Corrigin WA. Is a tricoloured Brown and White colored Bavarian Tobiano with a full-length male mare named Asta. She is a great Trailhors!

Gateways to heavy or pulling horses, information, vendors, farm holidays, federations, the champion horses of St. John the Great, Percherone, Shire and others around the globe, but especially to Australia. e-mail address in the middle of the bottom of this page - we look forward to answering you.

Gateways to heavy or pulling horses, information, vendors, farm holidays, federations, the champion horses of St. John the Great, Percherone, Shire and others around the globe, but especially to Australia. e-mail address in the middle of the bottom of this page - we look forward to answering you. Heavy horses poisons and merchandise on your lefthand side will take you to a new location where you can buy more original craft and souvenir albums and useful objects.

If you are a heavyweight equestrian magazine or a business that serves the drawing horsemanship community, please use the link on the lefthand side.

The horses

The astonishing horses mean the whole wide globe to us and are part of our team. Our specialities are Clydesdale and Shire horses, which stand out for their great variety and incomparably goodýnature. For us and many in the equestrian community, our Clydesdale and Shire horses are very unique beasts. These old servants can appreciate the accent we place on their mounted use as well, as the Clydesdale and Shire are both regarded as uncommon races, and as such we trust that our work here that encourages people to ride them will secure the race's ancestry!

All our horses are beautiful, friendly people, and here I would like to present their unique people! The majority of our horses are Clydesdale, as we began as a company in Scotland, home of the Clydesdale Equine. The name of this beautiful, multifaceted race comes from the river Clyde river basin.......

Founded in 1877, almost a hundred and a half centuries after the race began to develop, the Clydesdale Horses were the first breeding group. In the truest sense of the word, the main aim of the race was a workhorse - real horsepower before mechanization. Right from the start, the name of the stallion has grown significantly and the equestrian exhibitions lasting several nights in the Lanarkshire region have drawn purchasers from afar who have been looking for horses to perform a multitude of transport tasks.

Clydesdales' early designs show a bulky, single-coloured steed, much bold, much briefer than today's giant, and closely paired, i.e. shortly in the back.... at the moment when the early black-and-white photograph was taken, we mainly see dark-coloured horses with deep limbs, still shortly paired and very strong. Today, the often encountered in the show ring of today Roan-colour was at times scorned by the Purist, but is meanwhile very much liked by almost knows horses!

Like many things in real live, the show rings with some magistrates who prefer one, another "type" of horses, but for us in the equestrian universe the health of the limbs, the friendliness of personality and the power of bodily fit is far more important than the color, so the riding use shows the "color" appeal and makes sure that every good Clydesdale has a meaning in being!

After the Second World War, all heavy horses were affected by mechanization in the shape of tractor models, the number of which went back to the 1960s and 1970s. It has been kept afloat by a number of mainly peasant people who had a close relationship with these beautiful horses, and fortunately the numbers have now risen, although the race is still considered "endangered" by the Rare Breeds Society.

But the horses, which for example had two dark feet and were therefore considered "not of show quality", were often sent to the "Knackerhof", while now that the value of the Clydesdale is increasing mainly due to this riding use, these beautiful horses have a value for us within the regular riding markets; since the real money value of the horses raises the number of horses raised, thus increasing the number of horses in general....exactly what we want!

Even in these more ecologically sound and ecologically sensible periods, horses are once again being used in ecologically sensible areas for wood production, but while the forester is developing better machines, the horses are being taken out of circulation again..... many are paying to be there as a kind of historic touristic destination, as they cannot rival cars that can transport enormous sums.

Presentation of the horses..... He' s a very huggable guy, very devoted and easily revered; he is suited for a number of skills and gives trust to others to try out different speeds, even if they are beginners. In 2011 Mac came to us (together with Skye) and had a great time with the former owner John and Sue, who were able to give us these beautiful horses for various good reason.

The horses come here on a regular basis to help and keep in contact with their horses. Spávky is a beautiful big large big scarlet Clydesdale with a solid bust and daring overhangs! He' s an ardent and very courageous stallion and always close to the shores. He' one of our two horses participating in Endurance GB tournaments with his proprietor Therry (see picture).

A Suffolk punch, a very rare breed that came to us in spring 2013 at the age of five. He' s a breathtaking, clunky youngster, who has come to work here very well, is a quick rider on the shore and yet stable in the field, with beautiful steps and a great temper with perhaps a hint of posture!

In 2012 Fred came to us at the age of 5 years from a farm, he had worked as a ploughhorses. A young, smart and quick man who has become a funny, quick and forward looking young man with a likeable temper. It is now used on all our amusement parks and is suited for most skill level.

Such a handsome steed. She is a very beautiful filly with a lot of attitudes and a good temper. We' ve worked with her over the past few winters and now she enjoys all our horseback trips, even on the sands.

Originally only used for employees and seasoned drivers, she is smart and will enjoy her work and take many different drivers with her. It is often used for more seasoned horsemen and as a Ride Leader because it is forward with a very willing approach (and is good with goals!).

Undoubtedly one of the quickest horses on the shore, she is very safe to walk on - she loves to look at the floor in front of her and her itinerary. Very popular with everyone who rides her, Cally is in the possession of Imogen (on the photo!), who is planning to take in and experience Cally about our "quiet season" in the late fall, winters and springs, while we are lucky enough to still have her here in the south.

He is a breathtaking boy, 4 years old and came from Germany for practice this year. He has reacted well to the workout and is now softly trotting and walking. He came to us in the fall, he's a breathtaking big 17th century blacks. 3h, shift, with nice steps.

It is in the possession of Rochelle, who likes to horseback rides it from there. After working on his phobia of the waters, he has become an outstanding beachside pony who loves the fast speed and the canoeing. It'?s a pleasure to be on horseback. In 2011 with her boyfriend MacLeod, ?kye came to us as a very five-year-old family.

Ripened into a great young stallion suited to a wide range of experiences, she is a favorite on our holiday rides! He' s a lovable movers, a good show jumper and a mounted steed with a cute, lovable temper. Because of his soft way he is suited for a multitude of horsemen!

He' s on the Westmorland Show in 2013 with Holly - what a beautiful boy! Dingle, the huge Ardennes is not our biggest, but with 950 kg certainly the hardest! In spite of his height, he is a forward-looking, well-trained driver who is astonishingly light-footed.

The Dingle is probably one of the most clever horses on the farm, so if you are going to rid him, be sure of that! He is one of the quickest horses on the farm and a naturally sprinting rider, LP is a very active little animal and because of his great sensibility for the tools he is a pure employee rider.

It is a good example of why these handsome horses should have a bright and prosperous years. Clydesdale, one of three horses that came to us in fall 2010 from Tommy MacAleese, who lives in Northern Ireland (in the picture with Tommy). He' s worked very well here and seems to be enjoying the ride, is an enthusiast and brave youngster who has everything under control.

He' one of a few heavy horses here that Lynne owns in the long run. He' s recently begun to visit Pleasure Rides, which he likes, he is a funny animal to go riding! He is almost the largest of the horses on the farm, and because of his stature, altitude and sometimes even run like a guira ffe, he is often lovingly referred to as âGamooseâ (a crossing between a tyraffe and an elk).

He is a wonderful young man with a relaxing lifestyle and is an easily rideable and trustworthy rider for most people. He is one of our calmer horses with the relaxing posture of a much older, more seasoned one.

It can be a full beginner or a thrilling ride for an expert horseman looking for a beginner with the leading horses on the sands. There is no need to worry and he has the slower and most relaxed galop on the farm until you do!

He is a big and very soft Clydesdale who came to us in 2012 (owned for 8 years and very popular with the former owners Lizzie). It has made the seamless transfer from "riding class horse" to "hacking out" and is very fortunate here. He is a very friendly and friendly rider.

Born in 2013 at the age of four, Bob is a beautiful young man with whom he can work, he wants to study and is very interested in doing things and developing as a mounted stallion. He' s a great all-round rider now, have a lot of time! He' s friendly for a wide range of experiences, if you're fortunate you can use him!

Maior, a beautiful youngster came with us last year! We' ve worked with him all winters and now, in 2014, he rides very well. It is from our Irish mate Tommy MacAleese, who masters these great horses so well. At the moment he rides under the seat, charges well and enjoys his live as a rodeo!

Though young, he is soft and suited for different degrees of skill! She is an outstanding horse on all our trails and can be very vivacious as she has been hunting in the past as she is full of live, although she is a soft and calm filly at full work in and outdoors. She is suited for all riding abilities of experienced riders.

She' s great to be ridden, suited to most of the rider's skills, with astonishing tempos and fluent movements, under the yoke at the National Show and here in Cumbria. Also called BamBam, she is Emma's boy (she now resides with her boyfriends Mike and Ena Wood) - he was a solid filly and is already a very big sire.

In summer 2013 BB became a full member of the BB Group. He' enjoys all the trips here and he' s in love with the beaches! During quiet work in the mountains it is suited for most skill level. Here on the shore in July 2013! As an untreated colt Jake came to us in 2011 as a lifesaving mare.

When he was on the farm for a few months and worked intensively with him to establish a relationship, the choice was made to have Jake neutered because he was very edgy towards people; we knew we could help him if his hormone-relieving properties were soothing! Now Jake is an uncomplicated guy with a cute character, a marvellous saddleback that''s definitely something to do!

He is often suited for a wide range of experiences on our Holiday Rides and is great on the beaches and in the mountains.

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