Heavy Waterproof Horse Blankets

Waterproof heavy horse blankets

NORDWIND PLUS STRONG T/O BLNKT. Original Rhino Heavy Turnout Blanket. The majority of horse blankets have applied the waterproof coating directly to the outer layer.

If someone says they like rhinos because of rhino barrier technology, it is interesting. This is what it really means:

If someone says they like rhinos because of Rhino BARRIER technology, it will sound interesting. The majority of horse blankets have the waterproof finish directly on the outside film. Rhino's cutting-edge technology goes a different way. The Horseware waterproof protection is placed on a seperate inner sheet directly under the external sheet.

When the external coating is broken, the waterproof coating is still in place and prepared to keep your horse safe. The Rhino switches consist of 4 coats, each serving a certain purpose: 1) external coating: Manufactured from a 50-100% thicker PP weave than the laminated polyesters used in most 600D and 1200D switches.

The polypropylene also has good waterproofing properties so that the drops are on the top and are not incorporated into the mesh. The waterproof protection serves as a second protection to keep your horse dehydrated even if the outside material is damp.

The third coating is a specially thermo-bonded fibre filling for all Rhino 100g, Medium and Heavy switches, which encloses hot breezes and keeps your horse comfortable. Rhino-switch plates have no filling and therefore do not have this coating. It is a slippery, antistatic, antibacterial coating that keeps your horse's fur soft and glossy.

Slides over your horse's trunk to avoid friction and slipping. There are also Rhino switches in different sizes and weight, according to your horse's needs. The Rhino Classical or Original: The latter is positioned directly in front of the withers, then the throat bends downwards and around it to obtain the linear, classically shaped neckline with regular male and female surfingle fasteners.

hino Wug or High Neck: Rhino Wug with Surefit halter neckline continues to sit in front of the withers with a gentler tilt to cover the front line of the shoulders and end lower in the throat. A secure seat through name and natural look, this pattern gives a tighter fitting, while the lower neckline offers more room to pasture.

hino Plus (incl. hood): Removable nape protector for increased safety when needed. hino Pony switches are also available in sizes 45-69 in Wug, Plus and All-in-One.

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