Heavyweight Horse Blanket

Horse blanket heavyweight

High quality, heavy winter horse blanket. Your horse's size is the inch size you get. Jeffers extensive collection of weatherproof horse blankets for your horse. It is available in light, medium to heavy switch ceilings. Denier determines the thickness of your turnout ceiling.

Rip Stop Water Proof Heavy Weight Horse Turnout Blanket 1200D Purple 66

I' m quite pleased with this blanket. It' quite durable, seems to take a blow and is a great buy overall. It' not as great as Weatherbeeta's Taka rugs, but it's a good second one. My breast seemed very narrow when I put it on her for the first time, and even curled over her shoulders.

It seemed to come loose over the course of the years when it was collapsed.

Stable blankets extra heavy - Schneider's

Excellent heat combined with unbelievable stability provides a sturdy blanket for the everyday stresses of the wintry time. Extraordinary heat keeps the horse's fur in excellent shape all year round. When in the hibernating period you are living in a place with extreme low temperature, you must take the necessary measures to equip your horse against the coldness.

Schneider's extra-heavy and heavy stable covers are fitted with incredible technology to keep out the coldness and warmth of the horse's breath. The heavy soft ceilings are much thickier and more isolated than conventional soft ceilings, but they are just as convenient and simple to carry.

You are sure to find a blanket that your horse will be wearing for years to come with a large range of rugs in various colours and dimensions (we even offer a lifelong warranty on selected models). Schneider has Adjusta-Fit Extra Heavy and Heavyweight stable rugs that feature the brand's proprietary Adjusta-Fit fabric over the shoulder, which cuts the rugs to the different horse races.

The V-FreeĀ® and the cut back style does not grate or weight the shoulder, making it much more convenient for your horse. You can also choose between belly or legrests, which allow you to adjust the shape even better to your horse and make sure that the blanket does not slip off while wearing, and the enclosed front makes it easier to put on and take off these cups.

No matter whether you opt for Adjusta-Fit Tekno-Quilt V-Free Bellyband Stable Blanket, an Adjusta-Fit Dura-Nylon Cutback Zenith Leg Strap Stable Blanket or an Adjusta-Fit SuperQuilt Cutback Leg Strap Stable Blanket, Schneiders lets you (and your horse) cover with high-quality, long-lasting covers that keep the coldness outside.

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