Hashill is a town in Sabine County, Texas, USA. sspan class="mw-headline" id="Géographie">Géographie[edit] Hashill is a town in Sabine Country, Texas, USA. In the 2010 survey, the number of inhabitants was 1,198. It' s the district town of Sabine County. 3 ] It is on State Highway 87 at the intersection of State Highway 184 and is encircled by the Sabine National Forest and the Toledo Bend Reservoir.

The United States Census Bureau reports that the town has a surface area of 2.4 sq. m. (6.2 km2), of which 2.4 sq. m. (6.2 km2) are lands and 0.04 sq. m. (0.10 km2) are waters (1.66%). From Hemphill County, Texas (located in north Panhandle ), Hemphill is 484 air-miles away.

It is the biggest division of a Texas town from a Texas province of the same name. It was an excellent site because it was central compared to other villages, but had little traffic because it was not on Sabine or along railway tracks.

In 1912 the Lufkin-, Hemphill- and Golfbahn Hemphill provided railway lines. At the time of the 2000 census[1] 1,106 persons, 467 homes and 301 family members were living in the town. There were 465 inhabitants. Three persons per km2 (179,4/km²). Five per sq km (93.1/km²). There were 77 races in the town.

Sixty-one percent of the populace.

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