Herbs for Horses

Horse herbs

Medicinal herbal products are best used as part of a balanced and well thought-out management program that includes the input of the veterinarian, farrier, caregiver and owner. If herbs are integrated in a meaningful and rational way, they can be an invaluable resource for optimizing the horse's health and performance. Growing a herb garden is a great way to share the joy of gardening with your horse. Plant remedies, herbs for horses, herbs for dogs and cats and herbs for humans. Tailor-made organic herbal formulations, dietary supplements.

Herbs for your stallion

Though Tim says that certain herbs, such as garlic, are becoming increasingly common, less known ones, such as monk's peppers, are beginning to be used more often. It has great eliminating qualities by means of kidneys and livers and is advantageous in the intake of ferric, which makes it useful for the vet care of anemia.

Stinging nettle also helps to improve blood flow, which is useful for hoof roe deer, as well as fever, inflammation and osteoarthritis. Sometimes the plants can cause urethral disease, an irritant eczema reminiscent of striae, even when ingested inwardly, so it is best to avoid it when a response takes place. As a rule, horses enjoy the flavour of this varied cabbage. Recently there has been an indication that if large amounts are given over a longer period of time, this may lead to damage to the livers.

Not only is this botanical a gentle purgative, it is also used to purify the circulation of toxins, as well as in the treatment of osteoarthritis, hoof fever and even chronic kidney disease. Use all parts of the system safely and effectively. Knoblauch is a good means of heating in cold weather and can be supplied as herbs or in powders, oils, granules or shredders.

A general supplement is to add two gloves of garlic a day to your horse's food. It is used as a tranquilizer in plant products to reduce tense nerves - e.g. when a saddle comes to a new farm - or to help reassure over-excited horses without compromising exercise efficiency.

It is good for intestinal troubles and arthralgia in the lower extremities. Can also be used to cure sores, lower fevers, support urinary and renal diseases. Those who know herbs use the entire herb - which can reach a maximum of two metres in length - incl. the root.

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