High Fat Horse Feed

High-fat horse feed

High-fat, grain-free feed based on beet pulp. L'alimentation pour la prise de poids et l'amélioration de l'apparence PDF - Research PDF - Research PDF. Adding oil to your horse's diet is therefore one of the easiest ways to increase fat intake. Linseed is another source of fat and can be fed as oil or ground material. Feeding high-quality hay, hay substitute or add some alfalfa hay.


High-fat, grain-free feed on the basis of turnip chips. Ideally for older and metabolically ill animals, ripe animals, tough guardians, lifesaving and ulcer patients and those with COPD/lever. Fibre-rich feed on the basis of turnip chips. Perfect for tough owners, competitive stallions and ponies with COPD/lever or peptic ulcer. One cereal, lucerne and treacle free pelletized feed.

Perfect for equine riders with diabetes mellitus, Cushing's, EPSM and PSSM who need extra energy or are prone togies. It is also perfect for Hip-Packers. This is a granular and molasses-free, strongly enriched pellets feed. Perfect for pony, minature and simple owners, as well as insuline resistant animals, metabolism disorders, founders/laminitis and Cushing's.

Moderately carbohydrated, high-fat, high-fiber food on the basis of turnip chips. Perfect for weaners, annuals, brood mares and broodmares. Pelletized, high-fat food.

Perfect for stallions with metabolism disorders, founder/laminitis or bad teeth. Pelletized vitamins and minerals for simple owners who do not need extra energy. Ideally for Ponys, Miniaturpferde, breeding horse, brood mares, achievement horse and such with metabolism illnesses. The Naturals Horse Feed contains EquiMix Organics, a uniquely developed formula to keep your horse healthy.

Components of horse feed: Advantages of High Fiber, High Fat & Low Starch Horse Feeds

The horse's healthy and efficient condition is directly related to the healthy digestion system. High fibre imitating their naturally high fibre and low carb nutrition, provide a healthy gastrointestinal system and enable the horse to look better and achieve better nutrition. Fibre-rich parliamentary allowance are not necessarily new, high ballast material supply gives it for a longie.

In the past, the trouble with these foods is that you have been sacrificing excess energy because fiber-rich foods are inherently lower in weight than cereals. Therefore, the horse must consume more of the feed to get the same amount of energy that is contained in a common cereal feed. Threefold Crown Nutrition has resolved this issue by containing high caloric fibre, a high content of plant oils and stabilised ricekleie to compensate for the caloric losses normally associated with high fibre diet.

Furthermore, the use of Equimix supports the horse's intestinal system by enhancing the horse's ability to ferment and digest the most important nutritional substances. A DIFFERENCE IN FIBRE QUALITY: In the past, a good general principle was "the higher the fibre, the lower the caloric content", and in many cases this is still the case.

The nature and grade of fibre used in the production of animal feed is, however, very important in order to determine how "energy-tight" the food can be. We use, for example, turnip chips as the main component and supply as many carbohydrates as oat. Others fibres are soya socks, grain centres and alfa flour.

Fibre-produced foods such as riceshells, oatshells and peanutshells are very poorly digestible and deliver only a small proportion of the cereals' calorie content. To what degree the old rules apply therefore depend on the qualities of the fibres used in the lining. Our fodder is" fully-fledged", as the horse can grow on its own by eating the fodder without straw or willow.

We want the horse to keep getting long stalk or willow as long as it can grassland or feed on it. ELEVATED FAT REPLASES LOSS OF CALORIES: The use of high value dietary fibre will naturally result in high dietary fibre with fewer carbohydrates than cereals. As research into the addition of fat to horse diests is emerging, we can now complement these losing fats by including fat in the food regimen.

The use of plant oils, linseed flour and stabilised ricemix enables us to compensate for these calorie losses and make these feedstuffs even richer in energy than conventional cereal products. Fatty acids of omega-3 support a good fur texture and immunity, while fatty acids of omega-6 alone are important for extra energy.

When exercised and trained correctly, the horse learns to use the fat's energies with less physical exertion, to save calories and to increase endurance. Utilize the latest technology: Triple Crown Equimix uses organics to improve micromineral metabolism, Probiotic to improve good gut system microflora healing and Indigestive Enzyme to improve the small intestine's inherent capacity to degrade nutrition.

This also includes kilpflour, which has been added with advantageous results by horse breeders for years. Older and older stallions are true patrons of this technique. Typically we recommend our product triplet Crown Sr. for those animals who are no longer able to keep their bodies in a good shape during feed.

As well as the obvious symptoms - lost body mass, blunt coats, decreased muscular tonus, decreased activities - the ripe pet experiences inner changes. Your teeths become less effective when milling foods, your small intestines become less effective when taking in nutrition, and the fibre digestion becomes more sensitive and more disruptive.

It is becoming increasingly hard to absorb certain nutritional substances and the horse needs more forage. In the face of these issues, you need to substitute the horse's normal feed with one that is more easily chewable and digestible, while at the same time giving you the higher levels of nourishment and energy needed for good physical wellbeing. The Crown Senior triples provides that the diets along with the right amount of energy in the diets to keep your excess mass when the state of your system is already a concern.

Juvenile ponies that provide more energy through high grade fibre and fats are reducing the need for increased amounts of protein and diet. Low carb values help decrease peaks in growing hormones, giving the horse a more constant growing patterns and thus helps to prevent articular disorders in youngsters. You should use the Triple Crown Grow up to the ages of two before you switch to Complete.

Suitable also for the provision of increased nutrient contents for pregnant and breast-feeding broodmares and sires. CompleteTriple Crown Complete is perfect for the mature horse, performer or hippo. A high-fibre, high-fat and low-carbohydrate nutrition at last provides a way to feed the vast majority in order to achieve the results desired by the owner: an improvement in the physical fitness while reducing the hyperactivity sometimes associated with dietary supplements that mainly contain cereals (maize, oat and barley).

It' also very well suited in conditions where there may be qualitative or quantitative suspicion of either grass or grass, or in conditions where allergy to dirt and mould inhibits the amount of regular feed. Low StarchTriple Crown Low starches have lower carbohydrates than sugar meal feed, so they can be used as a total feed to substitute all or part of the (feed) part of the food that is normally not known for its carb and strength values.

Low Starch does not contain maize, treacle or alfa flour, which many horse breeders consider irregular behaviour. When we use good fibre sources and added fat, inclusively ricemix and linseed, we can substitute a number of the calories that will be sacrificed whilst maintaining low carb.

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