High Fibre Horse Feed

High-fibre horse feed

The health and performance of your horses is directly related to the health of the digestive tract. They need an alternative to feeding grain and high starch and sugar roughness. Forage herbivores are horses that have developed into a diet rich in structural carbohydrates (dietary fibres) but low soluble polysaccharides (starch). The Saracen Super Fibre Cubes are a good way to increase the fibre content of any horse. Mashing is very useful for hydrating horses and making their feed more voluminous.

Fiber Beet®.

Fibre-Bed® recognises the fact that the main purpose of the horse is to feed on gras that contains 80 to 90% moisture. Fibre-Bet® is conceived as a moist food (liquid food), which is the most naturally way of feeding your horse. The combination of alfalfa and Speedi-Beet in an easy-to-use, original diamond shaped design makes Fibre-Beet an outstanding resource for easily digested fibres in fluid forms and provides your horse with slow-releasing vigour without hissing.

It is an excellent feed for the horse and pony, where keeping fit is often tough and the tooth can be in bad state. - It contains a mixture of fiber source and provides an excellent fermenting medium to maximize the fiber uptake. Turnip fibres are particularly suitable for heavy-duty work or motorsport.

With a high proportion of dietary fibre, it is almost entirely degraded in the hind gut, resulting in a high proportion of propioic acids (one of the VFA's), which are transformed into blood sugar in the cell without stimulation of the blood and conversion to glucogen. Peptic ulcers are a meticulously developed mixture of intensely biodegradable fibre source that ensures optimal digestion pattern.

A high content of pectins and tensides can help to preserve the intestinal mucosa, while the structure fibre adsorbs surplus gastric acids and thus combats the ulcer-condition. AlkalineFibre bed is fermentated to provide a high proportion of butter acids, which support the functioning of the bowel walls and a low proportion of milk acids, making it an excellent basic feed.

Fibre-Beet's efficient break-down, which is 50% higher than that of feed fibres, can increase fibre absorption while maintaining fibre content. - They need an alternate to feed grain and high roughness of starches and sugars. Perfect for: - You want to keep your horse cold and secure.

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