High Horse Saddles

Tall horse saddles

High Horse trees are from Ralide. High Horse Circle Y Proven Mansfield running saddle. Select a Western saddle for Abseiling, Barrel Racing, Trail Riding or Team Roping. In the NRS Saddle Shop you can even order an individual saddle.

Cordura Magnolia Trail High Horse Saddle

Magnolia Cordura Trail saddles have borders and rustproof fittings with conches of brass flowers. Made with Cordura® tunics and mudguards for a lower body mass. Because of the variable positioning of the plane slab you can select which one is best suited for your horse. Try this seat! for detail. Evaluations on this website reflect the experiences of the various contributions.

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Tall horse semi-trailer

In 2010 Circle Y Saddles, Inc. is celebrating 50 years of Saddles production. High Horse are from Ralide. Not only are these booms long-lived, they also make the saddles handy and light. High-horse saddles and saddles are handmade in Yoakum, Texas by Circle Y. High-quality, plant-tanned skins are used for high-horse saddles and saddles.

This skins offer extraordinary qualities at an accessible cost. Appearance of genuine leathers is confirmed by genuine brands, grains and folds, underlining the products inherent beauties. High Horse leathers accentuate the nice tool designs and colour variations. Circle Ys' proprietary Flex2 boom designs were the outcome of their wish to obtain the best fitting for a wide variety of horse.

They have been integrated into many of the company's different semi-trailer series. The Circle Y Saddles is proud to be sponsoring some of the greatest stars in the West, among them world-renowned clinic Julie Goodnight, Martha Josey and Kelly Kaminski, several times running champions, Kenda Lenseigne, cowboys champions of the WPRA Finals and WPRA West Bare Bars.

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