High Neck Horse Turnout Blanket

High-neck horse turnout cover

WinterShield® Nordlund High Neck turnout ceiling as special equipment at Schneider Saddlery It is important how well a blanket matches your horse. A good fitting means convenience. Convenience increases shelf life. The figure shows where each ceiling section starts at the neck of your horse. Elevated, formed area over the pelto.

Contours over back and hind leg. There is no back stitching, the line is even above the back and toes.

Contours over the hind leg. Elevated, formed Withers to the beginning of the mahne. Contours over back and hind leg. Reduction at toe-toe. Contours over back and hind leg.

High Neck Hunter Green 1200D Waterproof Turnout Blanket, 81".

Size:81" Preferably mid-heavy hibernanda. In order to test your horse: Use a band of smooth cloth from the middle of your horse's breast (where the neck basis hits the chest), get around the broadest part of the shoulder, then around the waist and flange all the way to the point just before the cock.

Your horse's height is the inches you get. When your horse is between horse sizing, round him up to the next sizing.

Horse Tack & Horse Accessories German Grade

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