Highland Pony for Sale

Highhland Pony for sale

Originally our breeding stock comes from the Highlands of Scotland and has full pedigrees. Click on ponies for pictures of our animals for sale. Locate local highland ponies with horses and ponies in Great Britain and Ireland.

North American Highland Pony Breeders

The best Highland Pony in North America. We have a pedigree broodstock that originates from the Highlands of Scotland. The Trinityglen cultivates the Scottish Highland Pony's tradition with classical champion strains. Ponys are perfect children's horses for hunters/jumpers and low quality training horses. Whether in training, fun or combination, they enjoy riding.

It is our aim to create Highlands that are suited for a wide range of different stages and events in order to please recreational, competitive and recreational riders. My main focus was on horses for young horses. I have searched and purchased a collection that is characterized by training, low three-day versatility, children's and jumping horses, fun, combination, breeding as well as trails.

The Trinityglen Highland Ponies wants to help preserve and promote this stunning game. Our aim is to inform the riding congregation here in North America about this unbelievable pony. There are two colts in the stables, as well as young horses, which are sometimes for sale. Please have a look at our sales page to see what is available.

Are you interested in your pony's inventory, want to speak to the pony or need help or tips with your pony? A number of Highland pony adults for sale, offered at different stages of development for both horseback ride and carriage-drive. For over 15 years we have been working in localponys. Starting with Dales Pony after having Spaniards, we recently import 2 Highlands, a foal and a fillies.

It is our desire to help vulnerable British races as Anna has strong links with Britain, both with horses and with the times she lived there as she grew up. More than 20 years ago we watched Highland Poonies, but couldn't find what we were looking for, so we began with Dales until the right Highland Pony was there for us.

Smoo is a light-coloured mouse-dune fern from both Rhum and Nashend Buzzard and Balmoral Dee continental pipelines, to name but a few. Lucinda, our mare, a Dunne in yellowness, is a dam of Glenmuir Lochaber, who gave birth to some beautiful showponys and was a showwinner himself.

Two more Highlands will travel to the USA in autumn. Hopefully our company will contribute to the production of pony crosses in the USA. It is our aim to grow Highland Pony's that have a good nature, a good appearance and a good exercise. Our aim is to be involved in the promotion of the local British races and in our breeding organisations.

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