Hippostar Horse Feed

Hipostar Horse Feed

Forage A horse's ration consists mainly of roughage, which should be of good quality. The HippoStar Sport is a concentrated feed for sport horses. These sports trousers ensure a balanced ratio for active horses.


Rough fodderThe diet of a horse is mostly rough fodder, which should be of good qualitiy. Rough fodder should smelling crisp and free of mould or dirt. In the case of sports ponies, a restricted admission is recommended in order to prevent a too thick stomach and too much net weigh at work. It is recommended to take only a small amount of this medicine.

Feedingstuffs are full and nutritionally sound; they meet the nutrient requirements in conjunction with all kinds of dietary fibres.

Seniors mash feed

The SpecialCare Senior Mash Feed is a well-balanced nutrition with Vitamines and Mineral that keeps older ponies in shape..... Specifically designed as a full meal with a great deal of texture, vitamin and mineral nutrients. At 20 years of old, the dietary needs of the horse change. Older ponies have a tendency to experience the following problems:

Equilibrated in Vitamines and Mineral. It is recommended to feed 750 - 1000 g per 100 kg per person per night, according to how much forage the horse can still take in. Sometimes a horse does not consume enough fibre. You can compensate for this by using Senior Mash Feed. The Senior Mash Feed must be steeped for at least 4 hrs as cellulose is added.

Feed Senior Mash as often as possible during the course of the working days to allow the horse to be chewed periodically to activate the digestion system as much as possible.


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