Holistic Horse Training

Comprehensive horse training

Tremendously sensitive, subtle and gentle creatures. The Caroline Rider has training tips for a safe and happy driving experience. more. To change the HOW of horse training for the BETTER! Riding lessons, catering, training.

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He was the pioneer of the Training the Whole HorseĀ® method based on DO NO HARM. Christine is the founding member of HorseMAREship , Executive Producer of DO NO HARM Productions and author of the All-In-One Bitless Bridle. But when I discovered a slow er, gentler way of doing things and NO BEITS, restless ponies quickly and simply turned into willing mates.

By discovering how to evoke the horse's innate instincts to recognise me as their flock guide, include the words of a flock guide, and I had problems and danger that turned to me with my mind bowed and said: "Awe, you are the flock guide, what should I do?

" Do not worry, no fatigue, no chase, no eating, just with my Wholistic Joining, which imitates a sympathetic flock guide who readily elicits the horse's inherent sense of recognizing ME as their flockmaster. As soon as your horse realizes that you are its flock guide, you now have the horse's brain and the horse's core!

The training is enjoyable without YOU being tired, disappointed, angry or painful. The Whole HorseĀ® training is designed with the horse's body and emotions in mind. As I am a live specialist for chronical pains, I found 98% of the dressage training horse that came to me were IN PART!

So it was essential to get to the root of the pains that is part of working with the WHOLE horse. The slogan is "Problems are NOT always training problems", which means that usually they are a cause of bodily or emotive aches.

MOST of the period experiencing emotive pains is a great part of a horse that has bodily pains because they have probably been misused due to their behaviour. A lot of ponies are receivers of unbelievable force because of their hazardous behaviour, which could easily have been prevented if someone had looked at the first sip or thrill or goat, as the horse would have tried to tell someone EVERYONE they had been in pains!

T too many ponies have been suffering from the outdated dogma of domination, which seems unscrupulous when you know what we know about the flocks' speech and the sensitive character of the horse (they think, they think, they think, they feel, they have a feeling of allegiance, they have a feeling of familiarity and friendship). Who would use power, grudge, pain and equipment to inspect a horse?

Anxiety is a pristine intuition that I appreciate, but I DO NOT appreciate the use of force to educate and that is exactly what is going on in the equestrian art from the early age groups of our 4-H kids to trainer and rider at the Olympics stage - that is a tragic, yet enlightening perspective of the horse world.

Let's not forgotten the race car oi..................... It is good to know that the abuse of the horse sector is being prosecuted more than ever by the population. An increasing number of horse proprietors and prospective horse possessors are looking for genuine relations with the horse, which contradicts the dominant program of the past.

Humans accept the wish to treat their horse gently and to learn how to behave before they apply arbitrary disciplines. There is a new, soft way to go, so I have chosen that in these days when everyone is looking for genuine relations and a softer side of horse training, it is much more important to share my soft training video for FREE.

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