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The Home & Design Magazine offers exclusive home design content such as interior design, outdoor design, landscape design, luxury lifestyle and more. This is the proven regional shelter resource magazine that delivers results.


Hints to synchronize your furnishing with your layout..... Beautyful things happens when fashions and interiors meet..... Customise a cooking area to your own individual taste and..... Look out these ideas for cuisines that keep kids, grownups and Windows provide classy places to snooze, look around or watch.....

Made Right: 15 ideas to turn your room into a no-snooze area.....

HOME: Life in the Gainesville area

Farmyardhouse charme is reincarnated in Greater Gainesville in this Virginia-inspired house of one of the..... An enterprise, like a home, needs a solid base. Choosing the right secondary education for your baby can be a tremendous challenge for any of your family. Alachua.... A lot of folks see their schooldays as a mixture of emotion, agitation,.....

An increasing number of Alachua County Schools teach the kids how to interact with..... It' child back to normal schooltime, but does it have to stop when we are grown up? Typical when thinking about on-line education, they think of an individual as an individual taking on-line classes for..... The mentorship thrives in the county of Alachua so much that they mentor students.....

If the Florida hot weather is still humid, the children are back in class and playing soccer..... Think of a fellowship that lives from a place to meet, to spread inspiration, to stimulate the fantasy and..... With the goal of inspirational Gainesville fellowship to improve together through exercise, Andy..... Children order snail and canard in a local restaurante?

As retailers prepare for the Christmas period, the shelter is preparing for the 4th of July..... The Gainesville Police Department K-9 Officers Knight Officers Nero is a good one.

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Ownership of the Week: Be it trying out new prescriptions for healthy food or interference suppression in rooms for a refreshing home. It was the home of a renowned professional artist. This breathtaking house, where the first families went on their vacation in spring and autumn, has disappeared formally from the open air. She belonged to the Bowes-Lyons, the Queen Elizabeth's mother's sisters.

Ownership of the Week: It also has the best view. It is a beautiful house with the most beautiful backyards. The Chappell Lofts is the rebuilding of the renowned Chappell Piano Factory. When the fall is getting cold and the night is coming, it's a good idea to keep your home hot all year.

Take some advice from the professionals to make your home winterproof. Never before has yellowness been better. This townhouse is in a top position.

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