Hoof Boots


Check and compare all available boot types for your horse. All terrain hoof protection for the barefoot horse; Simple in size; Easy to put on and hold.

There is no way we can emphasize enough how important it is to measure precisely and to match correctly.

There is no way we can overemphasize the importance of accurate measurements and a good snugness. This is where you will find our guidelines for the correct measurement of your horse's hoof and our useful shape for a good footing. The Easyboot Stratus, a high-quality hoof shoe system that provides comfortable and supportive treatment for thin-soleged, abscessed, start-up, laminitis stadiums, transport problems, post-training rest or stables on tough surface, is new for 2018.

Also provides immediate and lasting alleviation for the horse that suffers from permanent paralysis and general lower limbs or hoof disorders by supporting exercise and shortening recuperation times after injuries or operations.

Hufschuhe - The first address for all brands and styles

We have a large selection of hoof shoes for almost every type of shoe, offering an ideal choice for almost every type of shoe. Developed to give your unbeaten rider additional shelter without damaging the hoof. Available in a variety of different size, suitable for minature pony, pony, equestrian and mid-size designs.

On this page you will find an outline of all these boots, so that you can find the best boots for your horses. You may need to use hoof boots for a while when you let your horses run barefooted for the first time. Frequently a new fogged base is not able to deal with the different substrates that can occur during a ride or at the crossover.

A lot of ponies also need horse hoof cushions in their boots for extra help. A few shoesless ponies are fortunate and do not need them, but for most ponies it is something to be invested in (even if only for casual use). Most of the ponies only need them on their forefeet.

It can also be used to make a horses more relaxed if they suffer from abscess, laminitis of the hoof or ischaemia. A further example where boots are useful is when you want to keep your horses on smooth ground but riding on tough, abrasives. It' not fairly to be expected that the hoof will master the tougher terrains if it is not treated, but by using hoof shoes you can get over this problem and keep your hoof comfy.

There are also cushions that can be used on delicate foals or to stimulation weak hoof areas, such as the mink. An additional incentive to the development of the wolf and the boots is given by slicing the wolf into the form of the wolf and either gluing it over the wolf or fixing it to the boots.

Generally, they are divided into three groups: boots intended for watering the hoof; boots intended for horse-raiding. Equine Fusion's range of boots revolutionised the group. All these boots, however, have a stiff soles that are far better than conventional horse boots, but do not make the hoof operate as natural as it could.

However, the Equine Fusion jogging shoe has a completely elastic soles that do not hinder the hoof in any way. For my part, I think this is the right way to go, as Dr Bowker's recent research shows that mere hoof pacing is very important and promotes circulation to the micro-vessels in the hoof.

For more information on how I like these boots so much that I became a retailer, click here. However, I still enumerate all available boots as they all have unrivalled advantages and the ultimate choice should be made according to your horse's needs at the moment of sale.

In the picture on the right you can see a hoof in a well-fitting Easyboot Bare. These boots have been trimmed to show how well the hoof will fit into the boots and how the hoof shoe actually improves - many mistakenly believe that the hoof shoe is lengthened when boots are used.

Every maker has slightly different sizes, so you can find some boots that are better suited than others for your horse's unique shoe form. It is an important fact that you should not forget when choosing which shoe to buy, because the better the fitting, the fewer issues you will have. Getting a good seat can be much more difficult if your hoof is particularly round or if it is broader than long.

Browse down and click on the link for a full details of each shoe model and link to the manufacturer's website. It is important when gauging hoof shoes to adjust the width and length of the hoof to the hoof shoe height. Forefeet of most ponies are usually rounder and broader than heels.

Finding hoof boots for the rear paws can often be a bit more difficult, but there are some styles such as the Ultimate Jogging Shoes, which are available in a slim style for small toes. In this way you get the right hoof shoe for your horse: Measuring the length of the hoof from the toes to the support line of the buttocks.

Please check your dimensions against the appropriate table of sizes for the trunk. When specifying your dimensions in inch, use the Empire table of sizes. When specifying your dimensions in millimetres, use the table of sizes in mtn. In the ideal case, the width and length measuring fits the same shoe sizes.

When the width and length dimensions indicate different shoe lengths, choose the bigger shoe length. Make sure to check each horse's feet, as they are sometimes bigger than his team. For more information on each boots, click on the name or the picture. The boots for ponies are primarily intended for hoofs that require additional cushioning and cover due to injuries or sickness.

However, this should be within a restricted range to reduce the risk of the boots being lost. Especially useful is a stallion or bangs with Laminitis and/or abscess. All Terrain and Ultimate Equine Fusion Jogging shoes are the smallest footwear available, offering a great replacement to conventional shoes for small cattle.

In this section you will find bare-footed boots for trailer rides and work in the arenas. Several of these boots, such as the Ecuine Fusion jogging shoe, can also be used as a crossover. A number of producers also produce hoof cushions that can be put into the boots to give the horses extra hoof protectors.

All Terrain and Ultimate shoes from QUINE Fusion Jogging are the smallest shoes for small scale riders. on this page? Easy-to-download e-book with clear, concise tutorials and pictures of how to create your own Hoof Jack. The Hufrehe book allows you to find the important information you need to know to cure your foal now.

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