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Shoes Australia - Equine Fusion ULTIMATE Boot Sells as a pair - $125.00 per boots plus shipping. Characteristics of the Equine Fusion series: Adaptable uppers support all hoof forms, the hoof does not have to sit exactly on the soles. Dual locking, less chance of loosing your running shoes. The size ranges from the smallest ponies to the largest races.

Specials of the new ULTIMATE jogging-shoes. It is the most comfortable hoof boot on the heel. Do you need boots for coach rides or very small miniatures & Shetland? Very small in size, the Ultimate series is perfect for the smallest pony that has not had hoof boots before.

Boots are now available for the horse-drawn carriages to keep the little hoofs safe.

Shoes - Wild About Hooves

Gimme the boots! Comfortable and always operational - boots are the alternatives to boots. Instead of using footwear, today a horse can be equipped with boots that prevent excessive hoof abrasion, crushing and shocks. The latest hoof shoe technologies have provided us with a wide range of hoofboots.

Wellington boots were developed especially for the competitive rider and are a real substitute for the metallic sneaker. The Tasmanian State Championship 2006 was won by Toby in boots. Let the hoof propagate over the weight. This is the hoof's true-to-nature cushion. However, a shoed saddled stallion cannot bend and is therefore disadvantaged by the vibrations of a saddle, he has decreased blood flow and looses feel and haul.

The boots can be worn at any moment for practice runs where the ground is too hard for the hoofs.

In cases where abrasion is greater than the rate of vegetation on the barefoot horses at a 100 mile range, boots must be worn to prevent the hoof from further deterioration, leading to sores and boots. The boots provide better grip, especially on bitumen road. Boot can resist rocks and misuse for mileage.

However, it is important that the boots are well-fitting. The boots can be assembled in less than a minutes by a trained technician. Well, boots don't look like a metallic boot. You' ll be saving a small fortune by learning to trimm and use your boots. As a rule, a horse only needs boots on the front hoofs, as the front hoofs carry about 70% of a horse's total bodyweight.

When you are interested in using boots, have them adjusted in a professional way if you can. The majority of hoof trimmer wear boots as part of their shop, they check the hoof and adjust the horses and provide you with the boots there and then, which will save you the hassle of having to take your own measurements.

A misfitting can cause all kinds of trouble, even chafing and a busted boots. The right choice of sizes ensures maximal output. Horseshoes offer you the possibility to close the distance between traditional horseshoes and powerful barefootness. Horseshoes offer you the possibility to close the distance between traditional horseshoes and powerful barefootness.

During their lifetime, a horse that is not shod, properly tuned and, if necessary, wears boots seldom develops pronounced hoof paralysis. "There are only two beasts on this planet wearing footwear - people and horse. "We can undress at will, hoof boots allow the horse this luxurious and free life.

Ultilizing boots for hoof protectors let the astonishing characteristics of the hoof work for the equine, keep it in good health and allow us to work with and pleasure from them for many years to come.

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