Hoof Boots for People

Shoes for human hooves

I saw a documentary about people who dress like animals for "adult reasons". Very sexy shoes, high heels and stilettos for men and women. Shoes are the only solution for such situations.

Horse boots are made for trailers!

Horseshoes are suitable for the hoofs of barefooted ponies. Similar to walking boots for people, these boots help your rider to prevent shavings and tears when riding in the area. Maybe you want a replacement for every stallion that looses a pair of boots. It is called a multi-purpose boots because it can be used on tracks, trailers, during rearing or hoof injuries.

Farriers' boots are a good solution for those who want to make their horses more relaxed on the trail without the blacksmith having to add them. So how clever is your mare? It' obvious to wonder how clever your mare is. It is no secret why horses still have to fight with the load of trailers.

A catching concept..... The spiky equine blocks its front teeths to a certain level, usually wooden, and swallows breath.......

Shoes and more for your barefoot horses

I have a problem with my filly and my filly is not quite the right sizes for the boots I am interested in. It has its width in one height, and length in the next height up/down, which height should I use? When a measure is in the smaller and a measure is in the bigger one, you must either decide for the bigger one or, in the ideal case, check whether another hoof shoe is more suitable.

Several boots, such as the Easyboot Glove, do not match your horses correctly if their dimensions do not match the same sizes in the sizes table of the respective boots. The other boots, like the Renegade hoof shoe, are a little more forgiving and do not need a close-fitting shell to be effective.

I have one horse at the top and the next at the bottom, which is the best one? In general, if the width and length match both dimensions, choose the smaller one, as it offers the tightest fitting, and we have found that hoof boots generally work best with a narrow width in particular.

While some boots are engineered to work better in certain conditions, a hoof shoe that most accurately matches the horse's shoe is more likely than a hoof shoe that does not work well. That means when you no longer need the pad, the boots still work.

Where do I know if the boots are correctly positioned? Universal good testing is to place the bottom of the hoof against the outer bottom of the hoof shoe to see where the hoof will sit and if it has a proper seat, and when the shoe is on it, it is common that the hoof cannot rotate more than 5° in both directions (the shoe should move with the hoof).

Occasionally the only true test is to test the rider or work with the saddle, so we always recommend that you rent hoof shoes from us first if you are not sure. The front part of my foals has different dimensions than the front part - it is possible to use two different shoe dimensions to form a "pair"?

Yes, as long as you use the same hoof-boots. Sometimes, however, the dimensions are different for the same boots - in this case it is best to use the two different shoe types (if possible, as some boots like the Old Mac G2s, Equine Fusion and Boas are only available in pairs) to prevent one of the boots from turning or sinking.

Suppose the dimensions of my horse don't match the boots you're wearing? Otherwise you may find that a hoof shoe that we do not have in our warehouse matches the hoofs of your horse. You can find a listing of the most favourite hoof shoe brands in our advice and instructions section.

Hoof Bootique is planned to be developed in order to have as many hoof boots as possible in store in the near distant world. A good groom who is well versed in bare-footed trim technique improves and changes many of your legs while regularly trimmed. Are you able to leap and do everything you can with a shoed mare when you're in hoof boots?

Which are the best boots for long durations or perseverance? You' ll see, these boots are all light and either adjust under the roots or are very unlikely to grate. May I use rivets with hoof shoes? Yes, we are selling cleats for use with hoof shoes, but we recommend using cleat boots only on smooth surface, as with any cleat.

The rivets are glued in place and cannot be taken off, although we have to order them from the Renegade plant. Easyboot and Equine Fusion Performance are also great boots for off-road grips when your horse's foot matches the form.

Is it possible to take my stallion out of circulation or keep him in hoofboots? It is more likely that the shoe will be scratched or scratched, especially when it rolls, etc. Shoed ponies are also more likely to lose boots on the fields than if they are rode for the same reason!

Both the Equine Fusion Ultra and the Performance are well suited as therapy/soft boots and will often be the best boots for work. Both the Old Mac G2 and the Easyboot Trail are also hoof boots that can be used as boots for treating, and some people use the Easyboot Epic. By what do I know if I have to booting all four hoofs or only the forehand and hindquarters?

Horses with hoofs that are not in optimum bare-foot condition or do a bare-foot crossing need boots on all four for most terrains, distances and speeds. But even a well-healed steed that takes a long trip on very impassable ground, especially on rocky paths, may need boots on all four.

It' quite reasonable to boat only a couple of legs (but never a couple hoof or a front and a hind hoof), as the front and hind hooves have different uses for the vault. Hind legs are often the ones that have to be booted, as they exert so much pressure that they need more cover than the front legs!

Usually, if your mare boots his boots, if not, then not. Must I use the same brand of boots on all 4 legs? No. You are booting the horse's legs in twos, and since the forefeet usually has a different form than the hindquarters, you will find that one type and one type of boots fits the forefeet and often a different type and one type fits the hindquarters.

Do I always have to use a cushion in my hoof boots? For how long do hoof boots last? Footwear is very long-lasting and lasts 3:1 onboard. In addition, most of them will not wear them 24 hours a days and they can really be a much less expensive alternative than shodding in the long run!

When do I need to change the boots? There is no need to buy a new shoe as long as the boots sit well, do not grate and provide enough support. Most of the boots we deliver have interchangeable parts and you can extend the service lives of the boots by changing them if they show or crack due to abrasion.

When I want to buy a hoof protector for a hoof in case of hoof loss, which hoof protector is best? In the ideal case you should test your horses' hoofs without footwear (e.g. if it is shoed after your blacksmith has finished preparing each hoof for the new shoe).

You will want to select a hoof shoe of adequate height. May I use hoof boots over my boots for a shoed saddle rider? Shoe boots were not really developed for use over footwear, as this can lead to undue shoe abrasion, but some people had to use them for very old or wounded saddlebags.

Old Mac G2 is generally best used for long term use, but in all cases where boots are used over shoed hoofs, any guarantee provided by the hoof shoe maker is void. In case we do not have the boots you require in store, please let us know and we will try to find a couple for you.

If I buy them and they don't match or for some occasion I don't like them, can I give them back? We cannot reimburse the full amount if hoof boots are sent back to us and it turns out that they have been used, or if they are soiled or bad.

Used hoof shoes bought from us cannot be taken back. Each of Easycare Inc. and Renegade (Lander Inc.) offers a 90-day limited warrantee against real material and manufacturing defects. Failure to start during the service period (this does not mean that the startup is damaged) is usually a small piece of work.

Mostly you will be asked to send a photo of the issue by e-mail first for a fast solution, but we can also ask you to send the shoes back to us for review.

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