Hoof Boots for Trail Riding

Shoes for Trail Riding

Shoes dampen the ancient sound of hoofbeats along the way. Cavallo gel pads are available to give your hoof boots extra comfort. It is particularly useful in the transition from traditional horseshoes to barefoot, when riding on aggressive terrain or over long distances or during rehabilitation during an injury.

Beginners' manual for hoof shoes and trail riding

Shoes are a good replacement for horseshoes and can be used as "spare tyres" if your horses lose a pair of shoes on the track. You can also use the boots for the transition from steamed up to unfogged riding. These are some hints to make sure you have the right height and the right boots to make sure you are enjoying the swing!

Shoes can be used in a wide range of ways to help preserve the hoof's well-being. According to your horse's needs (therapeutic, off-road, in training, etc.) you can select from different boots. Trail riding helps hoof boots to relieve shocks when riding barefooted and offers good grip in icy weather.

Was it raining in the last few nights where you're going to be riding? Those are the things you should ask yourself in advance of purchasing your boots. Limiting the details saves your horses a lot of valuable resources in the quest for the right boots for your horses. Incorrect installation of the shoe can lead to abrasion, injuries or shoe losses while riding.

This is a detailled description to find the right height for your equine. The Cavallo Boots are known for their value, versatility and comfort for a more pleasant drive. Kim, our Jeffers Equine expert is LOVING the Cavallo boots because they are simple to use and of excellent qualitiy. This line has 4 different hoof shoes with a choice of two different soles (slim and normal) to make the ideal made-to-measure shoes for your favourite horses.

The Cavallo Boots are easy to use. Thoroughly check the hoof length after a recent incision. Keep within the hoof height limit as space expansion has already been taken into account between normal trimmings. Simply in the right-sized. The Cavallo Boots are light and long-lasting made of genuine leathers, with watertight yarn, stainless steel and abrasion-resistant TPU-sole.

Boots also have built-in drain. Easy to put on - Easy to take off. Outstanding hoof protector for bare-footed horses, analgesic therapy for delicate hoofs, abscess recovery, iliac diseases, hoof damage and hoof wounds. You' re just like that, you' re willing to go for a horseride! Please take your free moment and choose what is best for your equine.

Be sure you have everything you need to prepare for the trail. Cushions, boots, protection boots and hoof grooming products that your horses will surely like! With a little bit of practice and good judgement you and your horses will have a great outing!

Heh-heh! Heh-heh! Happy trail riding! For further information about boots or trail riding, please consult our horse specialist Kim Cahill.

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