Hoof Boots for Turnout

Shoes for crossover

Boots for horse switch I like Ultra Jogging shoes when it comes to choosing a shoe for the crossover because they are practically impenetrable, ultra smooth and comfy, very airy (so that the hoofs do not absorb too much humidity, which could cause choking) and ultra light to wash and tumble-dried. Also, the uniquely elastic soles stimulate the hoof soles, which stimulate the hoof to harden and not to worsen, because there is no regular soil pacing. I' ve got a lifepony named Mary, who is almost half absent from her coffin bones (see x-ray left).

She is therefore not able to breed a regular hoof and needs boots around the clock. She has very small hoofs (6cm long) and unfortunately the smallest ultra jogging shoe is an 8 (which will fit and is 8cm long), so I wasn't sure if they would work for her.

However, due to the shape of these boots and the versatility of the soles, they work very well and allow it to be broken exactly where it is needed. At the bottom are some pictures of the boots she has been carrying quite consistently for seven month (apart from a 1/2 hour pause every day to let her legs air) - click on the picture to see a bigger one.

There is a crease in the front of the shaft over the acrylic because the hoof -shaped toes do not fit the front of the boots and the boots are two oversized ( smaller size to come in 2014). There are many other types of horses' boots that are not suited as boots for horses because they are not made for too much movement.

The photo of the soles shows a sludge print of Maria's hoof in a jogging shoe. They can see that their toes are just sitting at the rim of the inner running surface, which is a fairly long distance back from the rim of the boots. The flexibility of the soles enables them to break again at this point, which is one of the main causes why these boots are so awesome.

The Equine Fusion jogging shoes work well for Mary all year round. For almost 2 years she has been using Equine Fusion hoof shoes. The seasons are very slimy and to this day we have only succeeded once in losing a boots, and that was when a boyfriend put them on for me and did not put them on tight enough.

A further big characteristic of these boots is that they have reflecting stripes around the top of the boots and on the front side of the boots emblem. That means they are very easily found in the darkness if your mare should lose one. The jogging shoes are also very good in the winter and offer good traction.

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