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Home of tranquility for pensioned ponies

Our House of Calm for the Horse has specialized in retiring workhorses and the pony for over 130 years. The hardworking horse officials have helped our country in the police, the army or charitable organizations that use the horse to help human beings. In addition, we offer refuge to dolphins, horse, pony and donkey that have been suffering from ferocity or negligence and are in urgent need of special attention and maintenance.

Our investment in financing the research in animal health has resulted in great progress in horse grooming. The education and research contributes to developing the know-how and abilities necessary to enhance the grooming, well-being and well-being of all equine herds.

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Our Gold Membership gives you entry to our educational system and our vocational skills as well as third party indemnity coverage. The best of all is that you help us to help our needy horse every mornings. No matter what your desired careers are - horse care, horse back training or training for the next generations - there is a way for you.

Enjoying more excitement, practice and competition, join a UK riding club means you can go further than you ever thought possible - together. The BHS-accreditation offers a lot of advantages, which help you to live your horse-living. But, what is more, it is essential to become a member in order to help us find the necessary means to increase everyone's accessibility, security, well-being and upbringing.

The BHS Equipment Excellence Path provides you with the chance to advance your careers and gain hands-on, hands-on experience in a highly organized workspace. No matter what your professional requirements are, there is a training path for you. Helping you find a place to go horsebackback riding, enhance your abilities, acquire a new sport or just have fun outdoors.

Become part of the biggest horse racing professionals association that connects individuals, brains and ressources in horse-racing. In order to avoid negligence, we train, consult and assist horse owner and groom. We work to make horse back rides more secure and concentrate on increasing security in all areas. We are involved in the expansion and maintenance of the British horseback sports net.

Notify a charity issue, a security issue or an off-road driving issue.

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