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The Famous Clearance Sale is now on ! > SHOP NOW. You can browse our range and you will find everything you need, including bits, saddle pads, riding boots, saddle straps, breastplates, bridles, halter and leashes. Food, pet food, horse accessories and horse feed in the UK.

Horses for sale Trekking Lancashire. Equestrian accessories, toys and more!

Horsetack essentials: Items you need to have

You have a horse, and now you have to begin to take care of everything you need. And the good thing is that there are many interesting things to do. There will be no more unusual vacations for a while or new boots (for the person....for the horse there are many new boots!) - but it's definitely a reward.

When you are just getting started, you will find all the articles you need for your horse here. Let's begin with the most apparent turning points that you will use in your daily life: You need a horse that suits your sport, i.e. training, show jumps or even a GP (General Purpose).

Ensure that your horse is correctly adjusted by a pro, as an ill-fitting seat can cause great trouble for horse and horsewoman. Then you want a harness for your horse. If you do not know that the horse needs a certain kind of nose strap, use a simple cape heel.

These are some parts of the equestrian equipment that are not absolutely necessary, but may be necessary for the horse: Besides the turning point you use for horse backriding there are several other little things you need for your daily life besides owning a horse. Ensure that you have the following articles for your horse:

One stapler and one suitcase or suitcase.

It is the objective of the Riders4 HelmetsĀ© initiative to give riders an understanding of the advantages of using a correctly adapted and secure, certificated crash helmet. 3.

Aim of the drivers4helmetsĀ©-team is easy: to inform the riders about the advantages of using a well-fitting and secure, certificated crutche. During 2010 for the first time ever, Riders4Helmet organised the first domestic competition to inform riders about the advantages of using a correctly seated, secure and certificated helmet. More than 300 US dealers and eight manufacturer of helmets came together to inform their clients about issues such as the right form of helmets and the importance of using a new one.

Riders4Helmet's International Helmets Awareness Day 2017 was supported by 16 Helmet producers and 100 horse riding dealers in 19 different states. Don't miss to have a look at our events calender to see which horse shows our trailers will take place next!

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