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All equestrian equipment is supplied by Totally Tack in the large online tackshop with free postage and much more in the tackshop in Frome, Somerset. This offer is limited to stock only and may no longer be available when you visit the site. The joint comfort of my horse is crucial for maximum performance and durability. We at Tato's strive to offer the best quality of polo mallets, horse owners and horse accessories.

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It is Horse Haven looking for his new home! We' re curious where the path will take us, and so thankful for the generousness we have received as an organisation starting our 20 years jubilee in the services of horse in need! We are looking forward to working with you to save the most needy horse and to create a heritage of rehab and salvation on your land!

The Horse Haven of Tennessee is the oldest and biggest horse charity in the state of Tennessee. It is the organization's mission to save, restore and resuscitate God's abandoned or mistreated horse through housing, adoption and educational programmes throughout the state of Tennessee.

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The Breyer® styles begin as fine horse carvings, which are made by some of the world' finest horse sculptors and poured into moulds of brass and powder. Every pattern is made individually from the moulds, which are moulded with a specific type of epoxy chosen by Breyer because it captures the detail, fine touch and colour of our finish.

As soon as the pattern is formed, Breyer's craftsmen take over and the manual work begins. Every single Breyer style is prepared and refined by handpiece and then handed over to the paintshop for manual paintwork (with airbrush) and details (with brush). A total of around 20 craftsmen work on each and every one of the horses, thus producing an excellent, handmade horse that is as unique as the horse that made it.

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