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A smooth bangs! that lunar hikes to Fleetwood Mac are an online mash. On Twitter, an ad for the 3 company, where a Fleetwood Mac bangs a Fleetwood Mac hoof to everywhere, was praised by supporters as "the best of all time". Seeing the bouncing bangs of advertising lights up my day," said Twitter users @_5ophie, while @Lozzaap twittered that it would "always be my favorite ad.

And another admirer, @Anthonyshaw_, posted: "I really enjoy this dancein' fringe in the new 3 ad" and added: "It'll probably be in a lasagna by next week" - referring to the recent horse flesh outrage. Williamson, 42, who heads Benston in Shetland, said she was surprised at the five-year-old's new glory.

Even got the celebrity care during the shooting by having his own barber who fastened 40 fastener to his fastener for all shooting era. "Brighten my day." A Twitter fan described the 3 ads as "the best I've ever seen" in the zone: Shetland' dancebong wanders to the rim of a clip in the commercial that ends with the headline 'Stupid Stuff'.

It' s important," Mrs Williamson was asked last year to deliver the advertising material for the advertising shot on the rocks of the island of Eshaness. It was a great ad and it was unreal to see them for the first glimpse. He is a brave and attentive person and I think that's why he was chosen as a celebrity.

and he took it all with him. The Shetland horse commercials were shot by award-winning film maker Dougal Wilson, known for his tearful feature film for John Lewis. He' s a very particular little bangs. Mash-up releases of the beloved commercial also appear on YouTube, one of which replaces the Fleetwood Mac track with Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, and another where the fringe trots to the sound of Teenage Kicks from The Undertones.

to the Fleetwood Mac.

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