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Essays and discussions about horses and horse health, disease, breeding, training, written and moderated by a horse veterinarian. Consultation on horse care, training, feeding, veterinary treatments, homeopathic and massage therapies for horses, horse massage and other equestrian topics. The Horse & Hound equestrian advice centre will help you if you have a problem with your horse and are not sure where to go.

Do you need information to keep your horse healthy and still safe your costs?

Do you need information to keep your horse healthy and still safe your costs? Article and discussion about horse and horse healthcare and horse managment, authored and presented by a vet. These include: horse feed and nourishment, vaccination, deworming, stables, willows, sheds. Article and discussion about horse and horse illnesses and disorders, inclusive of symptom, diagnostics, treatment and prediction, co-authored and facilitated by a veterinary surgeon.

Article and discussion about horse and horse treatment, medication, medicines and dietary supplements used in the context of illness and healthcare managment. Posted and presented by a vet. Article and discussion about the horse, horse and horse breed including: synthetic inseminations, frostbitten sperm, mare and stallion pregnancy control, foals, foal grooming and culling.

Posted and presented by a vet. It' all about the horse. In this section you will find the fundamental article on horse managment and horsesemanship in a collegiate course on horse managment andorsemanship. Here members can promote their horse shop or offer products for purchase. The Encyclopedia Britannica says this about The Horseman's Advisor:

Being a former horse practician with the intent to get back into the horse, I really loved your website! It' a great example for horse owners and vets!

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