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The best-selling horse magazine in the country, dedicated to the diverse group of horse owners in New Zealand. Horse & Pony Magazine, Waikato. Adolescents, young adults and leisure riders with a passion for everything to do with horses and ponies! The only locally produced and published horse magazine in Atlantic Canada.

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How does your horse react when he sees or notices you? It' really uncomfortable and that's a combination of storm and breeze..... An other stone in the walls..... Sometimes the huge power house is built alone or with one or two other fencing. Many horse riders start the fall with a shift in their routines.

Your horse or pony may be able to walk when the temperature gets cold.....

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Advertise your ad with Horse & Pony for the paper and website on-line. Horse & Pony subscriptions are sent by post. If you would like to get in touch with Horse & Pony, we have various options. On-line links Links to other websites of horses. Keep up to date with the horse industry in Florida and the USA.

News, training, health, club and association information.

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From beginners, returnees, seasoned riders looking for new abilities to seasoned competitors, Horse&Rider has someone there for you. Louise was named Horse &Rider editor for only 18 month and was named Publisher of the Year in 2015. She has many years of horse riding experiences and many horse qualities (Louise is a BHS IntSM) and is ideally placed to navigate the H&R vessel and break the lash.

She is always the first to take part in discussion and debate in the horse bureau (and as you can see, there is a whole bunch of horses!) and she is often found on the telephone by prominent horsemen who plan thrilling feature and photo shoots. 1 (one and a half), his large body has earned him several model jobs at Horse&Rider - an advantage of the hard work as an editor's horse!

At Horse&Rider headquarters, Lucy has been with the company for many years. Ms. Becker is also the head of spell and grade check in Horse&Rider. Lucy started her BHS levels 1, 2 and 3 and PTT after high-school, which made her perfect for a horse racing carreer and earned her a fantastic position with versatility legends Pippa Funnell!

Besides the permanent spoiling of Jack Russell, Lucky, Lucy is currently on horseback with Thomas, a 17h thoroughbred X Cleveland Bay, who is treating the feeding room like a self-service sideboard! She was raised on a farmyard where she loved to leap on her pony after finishing primary and collect the milk.

Today she likes to hack out and participate in the equestrian club's activity, and she dreams of turning her colourful butt, Betsy, into a show jumper. If Jo is not on horseback, she takes her girls and horses through the forest or takes them to pony club-rallyes. Jo is a horse-like stallion who ridden in the Shetland Pony Grand National at the Olympics and won a huge award - for the fall!

Rachel was borne and brought up in Essex and got her first pony, Willow, for her 6th year. Following a common graduation in English literature and written creatively at Bath Spa University - and a pony novel for her Ph. - Rachel graduated in Applied Horse Science from Writtle College and worked for Dengie Horse Feeds for two years before eventually getting her much-needed editing career at Horse&Rider.

Rachel is spending all her free day with her high-maintenance Haflinger, Amalie, who has been in charge since her arrival in Essex in 2015 as an aspiring two-year-old, when she is not dating top photo shooters or selecting items for H&R's next proven H&R features - it's a hard work, but someone has to do it.

The only thing it took was a seat on a pony on vacation to give Bethany the horse beetle. Quickly forward five years and a pony was purchased that launched her non-horse-like mothers into the horse estate business. Betany used to spend her college days training various projects to juggle and juggle Englishs, which was a good preparation for a career in which she had to write in a single moment and write in the next letter or giveaway.

Bethany spent a year working as a freelancer for regional papers in her hometown of Lincolnshire before moving to Surrey to continue her fantastic job at Horse&Rider. Even though she is missing her home-bred colt Phillip, who is living with her family in Lincolnshire, she still succeeds in bringing her ponytail "south" by training the hunter.

She is the leading broodmare when it comes to design and arts at Horse&Rider. Sarah is always the first to do a photo shoot in summers, especially when we are looking for breathtaking new covers (either because she loves to spend the days with all the beautiful ponies or because she just adores the tan, which we can't say).

It' s also difficult for her to keep track of the annoying editors, who sometimes like to think that she can expand her abilities to include designs, but in the end is often more of an obstacle than a help! Adam didn't know much about the horse before joining Horse&Rider, but that has been changing since he became a member of the equestrian world.

When he hears how much everyone in the bureau is spending on his horse, Adam is spending his free moment in prayer that his daughters will not become addicted to the pony, and not just yet! Sophie' love of the horse was a real challange to follow! Since then Sophie has been training an RDA pony, supporting two four-year-olds and training and now mainly competing in training on her rental horse Blackie.

For Horse&Rider he is juggling in a bustling designer side by side with her own horse portraits shop. There is a lot to do with a childrenhood fantasy of purchasing your own horse and holding it in the yard! Joining the designer crew, Jake thought he was just going to make the magazine pages look good, but he didn't know that making him a horse would become the editors new favorite pastime!

Though last revised for his Pony Club 5 test (with the PONY likes to be his informal assessors), Jake spent the remainder of his day making all the magazine's magazine feature look crisp and legible and photographing ponies that "do all kinds of strange things".

After persuading her mum and dad to buy her own pony, Andrea started to ride at the age of seven and four, spending a great deal of her life dropping off. Andrea returned to horseback- not the most convenient way while working and dwelling in London after three years without horses at the college where she studied English!

Two years later, in 1991, she came to DJ Murphy, which enabled her to move to a more rustic area and has not had a horseless time since then. She is the deputy managing director of DJ Murphy and is juggling with the sale of advertisements, new marketing activities and the daily routine of horse back-j riding and training.

Zoƫ began to ride early - at the age of only 10 working nights in a wicker semitrailer. A very horse-like child, she participated in all Pony Club activity, won her advanced level test and was in training, jumping and versatility with her chestnut-brown Arabian horse (sounds like a fiddly combination!), Monique.

Zoe is now juggling the working mother's lifestyle with Dolly, the amazing Irish sport horse she many. Zoe, the editor of Horse&Rider, supervises the magazine and concentrates on its sales to ensure that it gets to you from the offices. Since then Gemma has fallen in Love with the Nine Year old Horse Business!

She also assists in training a friend's horse and her frequent horse rider is Snappy, a great fox filly who enjoys chopping, training and show jumps at home. He oversees Horse&Rider's sales division and works in many areas, from subscription and promotional activities to corporate communications, corporate communications, corporate communications, corporate communications, corporate communications, corporate communications, corporate communications and more.

Hollie was bred and brought up in the New Forest, was put on a pony before she could leave, and it didn't take long before she was 14. Two New Forest Pony, Solo, joins the horse-loving team. She started at the Countyshow and persisted in attending the Working Hunter courses because she really liked jumping!

After two years in Canada, Hollie worked in audio before she got her ideal position as Head of Marketing at H&R. It is one of the most sought-after positions in the H&R staff - Hollie is spending her day occupying the H&R public relations channel, shooting celebrities at photo shoots in the outdoors, and advertising for Horse & Country TV.

Ali's penchant for the horse began at the age of eight with a Bareback riding on a pensioned horse named Rustler. Immediately after her studies, Ali went back to riding and devoted herself to horse riding before taking a position as event manager at Hermes.

Now she coordinates Horse&Rider's participation in all big riding tournaments and possesses two youngsters Walnut and Amos as well as her pensioners Hudson and Teddy. When you see Horse&Rider at an exhibition, go and say hello! Although Lianne was the daughter of non-horse-fathers, she captured the pony bacillus while visitors were there.

Finally, her folks gave in to her unceasing requests for instruction and she soon became an integral part of her community equestrian group. A few years on the double and she was able to use her passions for herself by working in the Horse & Rider Magazine sales team. Your present horse is a beautiful one - albeit quite sour!

  • TB contacted Tommy, who brings her to equestrian club hospitals on a regular basis and goes on training and competition tests. In Horse&Rider and PONY, Janice will take care of all the ads. It is her task to ensure that everything they call arrives on schedule, then she pushes the last "button of doom" that will send the magazine to the printer.

She has her own country where she keeps her three ponies - Indi, a 22-year-old Dutch warmblood filly, Gilbert, a solid eight-year-old champion fighter, and a 13hhh lifepony named Posy. She loves training, chopping and walks with her two crazy Spanish girls, Toffee and Henry. When Sammy was young, she was bit by the tail and soon had her eyes on the English jumping squad.

During her pony days Sammy won two gold medals and one single gold medal at the European Championships! Shortly after turning 18, she set many pony riders' record and became the youngest one. Sammy leads the ad teams as Business Development Manager and helps customers bring their ads to you.

Fran rode all her lifelong and was fortunate enough to be raised on her mother's farm, which means she could see her pony in pajamas! After graduating from Sparsholt College, she obtained a German Diplom in Horse Managment and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Horse Studies.

There she also took part in the Inter-College-Reitteam. He worked as a bridegroom and in retailing and wholesaling before becoming sales manager at Horse&Rider. There is Sekonda, a 17 hour Irish draw with whom she likes to ride with. Sharing two sharks, Sammy and Roxy, with her mate, she uses them for pulling, horse back rides and travel.

It was Lauren's good fortune to be part of a horse-loving group. Then she learnt to horseback riding her Dartmoor pony Jim, who is still powerful today! Having worked her way through the hills of several local stallions, she now has her 15th birthday. Lauren, as Sales Executive, takes care of all the ad customers and keeps the sales force up to date with the latest fashions and tendencies.

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