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This is Equestrian Health & Grooming Supplies. with a plush-lined nose & crown, horse pictorial fabric, & matching cotton lead.

Located in the heart of the Midwest, we specialise in English riding and driving equipment. Home; Mini Horse & Pony Tack. You know it doesn't hurt to pull a horse's mane?

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We are a privately owned zoo specialty store located in the Yelverton Business Park, Crapstone. We provide a wide selection of animal nutrition, which includes deep-freeze products, all important horse fodder makes, a wide selection of horse litter material, includes packaged straws, various types of hey and packaged hy. Please call us for further information about our product line or our nutritional consultation, we will be pleased to help you.

With a free 10 miles shipping for every order over £25, we are always there for you. Inventory balances may differ.

Pets and horse accessories - Pony accessories

Feline mint: If someone says Catmint, you probably think of those fun video clips about cats on You Tube, but is it all catmint? Get 5 Summers Essentials for you and your animal! Summers are in full bloom, the weather is bright and there is nothing better than to spend quality leisure with your family! This is Heres' summers essentials:

Saddle and bridle

There is an outstanding choice of British and West German calipers, in plastic and leathers. Our clients are encouraged to use our seat posts to seat in a wide range of seats to help you find the one that is the most comfy. Just as important is the adaptation of your horse. When you are not sure what kind of horse your horse needs, please take some pictures of your horse's back and side panels or create a sample that you can use.

We' ve got a tape at the bottom of this page showing how to make a sample of your horse back. Gladly we advise you with the assortment of the optimal variant for you and your horse. A wide range of new and used bridles, bits, saddle pads, care accessories, saddle bags, dog accessories and some original home accessories.

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