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Equestrian clothing - casual equestrian clothing. Horse and Rider Shop Chaskits, Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells is a saddlery and rider business located in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. All of them are qualified in the assembly of helmets, protection and boot. Our goal is to provide you with a first rate level of quality and as we are all horsemen ourselves, we can advise you honestly and kindly.

To learn more about our products, click here. Karen's goal is to find the best possible fitting for you and your horse. is a saddlery company located in Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells. There is a large range of tack and riding clothes. There is a wide range of farm gear including horse accessories, blankets, grooming gear, saddlery and bridles.

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Make up for horses and riders with seven great make-ups

"There is a kind of liberty that can only be achieved on the back of a horse, and a kind of fellowship that only a horse can have," he commented. This is the nut that Ken took in his hand inexpensively when his first nut was no longer repairable. Fitting is bad for both horse and rider, so they sometimes walk without a seat.

Ken, who has been horse rider for about four years, also wants to develop his equestrian abilities and better be able to interact with his horse. Ken spends his free hours teaching children how to deal with life's problems using the lesson they receive on his horse. I get the reward in the shape of what happens to the children and their marks at college after they have been on the horse a few nights aweek.

says Abigail South, products specialist and coach from the West: Ken I would suggest to see if there is a riding instructor in his area who can help him find some interesting ways to interact with his horse. Riding is a technique that shows you how to be delicate not only with your hand and leg, but also with your eye.

Sattelanpassung is one of the most important features of Ken's rework because he doesn't want his filly to be in a painful condition. Looks like his horse has a brief broad back, so I would suggest looking for a full quarter horse barrel seat with minimum baseboards like a Cowboy cut or a round rock.

Can' t suggest an accurate nut as it is a fitting play between nut and horse, but Cactus Saddlery tacks are usually generously cut and Tucker Saddlery has a large selection of fittings to suit most saddlery needs. Upholstery varies in size depending on the size of the seat and its shape to the horse.

As an example, inserting a thick 1- to 1 1/2-inch pod would make the fitting worse if the seat is too tight. On the pictures I see that Ken's own equestrian equipment reaches from camo trousers over leisure clothes up to working shoes. Although he didn't ask for anything himself, he will find that driving can be much more convenient with a few easy changes.

There' s nothing like a good set of denim for westerns. In my opinion, the thinnest incision you can endure has the least amount of friction or pinch in the nut. A good set of Roper-style cycling shoes is also a must when you ride in a Westernsattel. Shoelaces can be a security problem, as they can get trapped in the temple, causing the rider to be pulled in the case of a crash.

and free the rider. When Ken follows the nature trail in his riding practice, the first thing he needs is a good wire holster and 14' guidance, preferrably without a snapper. Veterinary stud, Narwood, N.D. Jodie and her Quarter Horse Gemini, Duke, are competing in show art and hunting and finally want to become consequent enough to do show jumping shows with them.

Jodies has a big trouble presenting the hunting chair, to find trousers and jackets that match her feet. "She also needs help to find trousers broad enough around her calves to sit comfortable and well style and flatter herself for the show ring. Herzog also has a foot condition - he is susceptible to wetsuits, a fabric often used in the production of heels.

Iodie has a tough job to find good switch shoes that don't tease Herzog's hide and resist his efforts to get them out. "Being with only a horse is a way of reducing your stresses; it lets the insanity of the moment go and you just concentrate on the ideal walk over a tree trunk or whatever you're working on that day," Jodie said.

" Suzi Drnec, a West German specialist, has some hints to help Jodie enhance her presentation: Even though she is not yet represented at AQHA shows, she shows a good intuition to leave an unforgettable imprint with her horse in the show. Laurel or Sorrel can usually be black, but with a horse like Duke it becomes much more interesting.

But Jodie has decided to reproduce his monochrome colour scheme in her own dressing room with good results. Even though it's difficult to tell from the photo, it looks like she has a pair of dark denim skirts and a dark westerns wool dress embroidered in plain fabric - a great look for unevaluated shows. For Jodie at this competitive stage, the only dress modification I would consider is the use of a blank or almost blank cap.

You' ll notice her dark cap while it's accurate, but you cast a hard shade on her face. Would she find a beautiful blank cap or perhaps a plate tone, it would mix with Duke's paler coloration and give a paler, clearer and larger appearance. While I can see Jody's self-assured grin under the dark cap, a lightweight cap would dramatically framing this stunning look.

On AQHA shows she would have to consider emphasizing his dark dots and working on this blank cock, but his involvement is tolerable for open shows. Amy Hamlet, the British products specialist, recommends: Jody's overall for the hunting chair looks good and her show jacket suits well. It can be seen from the photo that Jody's big shoes are too small.

Big-boot can be very hard to assemble, so I would suggest that it be measured properly by someone, either a boyfriend or a staff member of the tackle-store. Devon Aire USPC Zip Back Field Boot offers a wide range of sizes from $84.70. I would suggest a couple of pairs of black cowhide show mittens for a shiny look in the ring, like SSG Pro Show mitten, $17.90.

In order to avoid Duke's wetsuit susceptibility, Abigail South, a West European products specialist, suggests that Jodie try one of the following participation and training choices. Galemba Protector Boat is a genuine welted shoe with an inner pad made of polyurethane and is available in front and back with a $76,95-$99 rail, shoe and shoe.

Dependent on how sensitively Herzog reacts to wetsuits, I would also try Classic Equine's $47.95 Pro-Tech boot. Equestrian Instructor, Trail Boss, Houston, Mo. Nina, a rider who enjoys both training and hunting, says she is like a relict. Still wearing her 1970' s equestrian clothing, which included the then beloved rust-red jodhpurs and a genuine kidskin cap without thong.

Wearing the shoes her mom gave her when she was 16 years old (she is now 49 years old!), she even has a pied piper and the chocolate chip with pins. It has two particular problems: the fitting wrong zipper (a dark nut and a dark bridle) and the search for the right pair of shoes or replacement shoes for her knuckle, which was fractured at the beginning of the year.

She is currently aiming to reach levels 2 and 3 of the "Parelli Horse-Man-Ship" course she studied, when she finds enough space between two teenagers and six ponies. Since Nina drives both hunting and training seats, we have asked our training and hunter/jumper specialists to participate in this revision.

Kristina Harrison-Naness, training specialist, comments: Nina's "decorative" hard hat should be substituted by an ASTM-certified hard hat, and they come in genuine dark satin, which is great for shows. When it comes to training, a must is a nice fly, beautifully bound and nailed down. If Nina wants to look modern and professionally, the rusty trousers must be substituted by either a silver or silver couple.

Whatever colour Nina selects, she should make sure that her saddlecloth, mittens and stocking have the same colour. Sattel and harness should be the same in the ideal case, but if a new harness is not possible, Nina can have her old braid colored dark grey to suit her existing one. Your valance should be quadratic and either clear or champaign.

Like my pupils, as a rider in training I am riding in very rigid shoes. Since Nina's old knuckle wound still bothers her, I wonder if she would feel more at ease in the soft boot worn by the hunter-jumper drivers. Of course, horse and rider should be flawless before turning the midline.

Judge are people and like to see that a rider has made some efforts to increase his participation - it is a question of mutual respect. What is more, they are not afraid to be a judge. I would suggest for a hunter that Nina try to keep to tan or pink pants (Ariat/Tailored Sportmans). At the showring the whites of this horse should be trimmed with 10 mm diameter knives.

A few judge expect a runaway move when a heavier horse enters the ring with a Pelham. Amy Hamlet, the British products specialist, recommends: We have made proposals for training and hunting seats for the jodhpurs. Pants: It'?s for dressage: Horse sports? Full front trousers with full waistline and continental high waist.

Lycra? for convenience and Clarino? for a full fit. Available in whites, blacks, deer brown or smokes. The hunting seat: Sport Side Zip pants have the green-beige colour that is loved in the show ring. Boot: She not only fits work, home and horse into a full agenda, but also struggles to loose the extra energy and energy she gains through being pregnant.

Sadly realizing that her Dutch warmblood filly was simply too much for her at this point in her career, she made the hard choice of selling her. While Darcy is working on her body mass and physical condition, she wants to find comfy, appealing equestrian clothing to put on. "â??My man and I are older firstborn and it has really been a balance act with a small kid, work, horse back riding for me and golf for my man,â? she said.

Charcy has always liked horseback and horseback rides, but now she has a greater regard for its importance to her spiritual and bodily wellbeing. "If I' m in the shed, I' m not a woman or a mom, I' m a rider," she said. Kristina Harrison-Naness, horse show specialist, comments: If I wanted to select a high qualitiy dark one, it would be suitable for daily practice and clinic as well as for exhibition.

In my view, beautiful trousers are a good idea, especially if you are aware of your own body-wight. Try out different style and material weighs with a skilled salesman can help Darcy choose a couple that flatters and lasts. A monochrome uniform in a lighter colour will make them sleek and flattering for daily use and teaching.

My preference is a squared blank pedal for training. It' smart, easy and caresses any horse. FLEXEWORKS manufactures one that has detachable fleece padding on the horse's back that could help with the poet's comforts until a new seat buy becomes possible. I would like to see Darcy in a beautiful set of big ankle lengthening boot legs, as her recent selection of footwear is not the most complimentary, though it is secure and functional.

He is a great gelding and rehabilitation of a horse is a great job, but the reward can be unbelievable. And I would suggest a link enhancement like equitation for any older horse, especially for a horse recovering from an injury. What I would suggest is a link enhancement like equitation for any older horse, especially for a horse recovering from an injury. 4. An SEI-approved equestrian safety helmet would be suggested, either a classic saddle hat like Troxel's Grand Prix Classic, $89.90, or a training stile like the IRH Equi-Lite safety hat, $27.90.

Pants: The Irideon Cadence Stretch Cord Full Seats trousers are very soft and comfy. At Irideon we supply engineered materials that are often taken from sportswear. Sattel: As soon as you have the feeling that the poet has achieved his workout levels, consult a saddler to solve your particular problem. A lot of tackle stores provide demonstration calipers that allow you to try on your horse without having to buy it.

She has had her quarter horse Tucker for about a year and a half, and she uses every chance to get him saddled up for a hike, whether it's a quick one-mile trip or a 15-mile-away. However, her actual aim is to run races on match day when she can feel safe in the saddle. What she wants is to be able to run on the day of the match.

They find Tucker's gang is so hacked off that she hesitates to let him increase his pace for afraid to get off the horse. Whilst we cannot help Deborah in the practice section this year, we can help her find suitable westerns clothing for security and riding comforts. Since she' s new to horse possession, Deborah says she has a great deal to study.

"I' m a 47-year-old girl and I've wanted a horse since I can think. He said if he knew Tucker would make me so lucky, he would have got me a horse years ago. says Abigail South, products specialist and coach from the West: She' s only been on horseback for 18 years!

Otherwise, she might try to look for a native horse-manship coach; they will have similar problem-solving techniques to Clinton. So Deborah should consider putting on a good pair without too much profile on the floor. She also looks like she's benefiting from a longer set of denim so she won't get pinched (remember to keep the bottoms down).

However, if Deborah opts for a naturally trained rider, she can be encourage to use a single bridle bite with a cheeks of her choice (generally a D-ring or egg-butt). There are a few Troxel that are more suited to the westerner, like the Cheyenne and the Sierra.

Boot: Women's Cobalt XR Pro West Boot with antimicrobial lining and low abrasion finish. troxel mountain helmet, light and well aired. It is available in the colours brown and amber. Short-shaft ultra-correction bit with a short shaft for those who do not need as much lever force to stay in check. West German fun and much more!

Brrittany needs help to find a good equestrian company suitable for a comfort driving experience, whether at home or in a school show. It' s a greater challange than it may seem, as Brittany tries out a number of different events to find out what works best for her and Misha, her National Show Horse filly.

It is her desire to acquire the basics of horse back training and to develop her relation to her horse, regardless of disciplines. Enjoying everything that unites her - trails, westerns, hunter/jumper and training, she even sees the horse back in her dreams. She tends to horseback in every dress she picks up in the mornings, which, she says, doesn't necessarily help with her fit when she tries to gallop!

Your cloak, although it keeps you warmed, is not very horse-loving. As she shows it, she needs guidance on how to keep her white-grey Pinto in the ring flawless. "As a naval officer, I was never able to own a horse. I' ve always dreamt of horseback training because of his charm, dreamt of all the beautiful horseback trips on the beaches, in the hills and in the countryside, and felt the liberty that a horse gives you.

Now, in my new part as a horse mum, I enjoy to spend my free times with them. says Abigail South, products specialist and coach from the West: Applauding Brittany for looking for the kind of sport that works best for both of them and not for squeezing one on her horse that she doesn't like.

Incidentally - Brittany should not exclude the kind of training they dreamt of - national show jumpers can do it! Since Brittany has not yet selected her sport, I cannot recommend horse clothing for school shows. There are a wide range of Misha whites on the open air markets that you can try out. Orvis Paste is an economic product that works to clean much more than just your horse.

I was also very much influenced by Horse Sense's "White Knight" showerhead. It' been making my horse tidy and softer. My suggestion would be to adapt your clothing to the kind of horse back you are planning for that particular date - either Englisch or Westerns. To learn to speak German, try good school pants or pantyhose according to how warm it is outside (pantyhose are usually cooler).

I would suggest that you look at the line of jodhpurs from Brittany Sports for the training of jodhpurs; they should have a couple that suits the Brittany people. Some great uppers are available in engineered fabric that dissipate humidity for warm rides and are great for shifts in cool conditions.

Ariat shoes are very convenient, I can't tell what kind of shoes Brittany is using, but I find Ariat poddock shoes with a couple of Ariat all-around half caps are very comfy. I would suggest a heavier pair than Brittany would normally carry, with a longer crotch seam for West school education. cruel girl has a dakota jean that's meant for driving.

In order to avoid chopping, I suggest that Brittany invests in a couple of Caps. PMS (Personal Magic Sizing) based Horse provides PMS (Personal Magic Sizing) based horse caps that expand for the day when you get blown up. I' d suggest shoes in classic opera shoe design with a flat soles, not with an excess of profile and no shoelaces.

Both Ariat and Justin have some beautiful shoes to chose from. I would try the Mountain Horse ski boot for a heavier one. Pushbuttons on the back can be released to make a tab so that the back of the coat does not get trapped on the back of the seat.

White Knight Horse Shampoo that cleanses, nourishes and lightens. Pants: Horse sports? Tradional jodhpurs with a spot on the back of the leg are ideal for show or training. Above: Horse sports? A technical shirt, a classical poloshirt with the latest technologies for better freedom of movement while driving. Pantyhose with four-way stretching.

Available in carbon, blacks, midnight, mocca, salvia or wicker; size range up to 3X. Light, breathing, light weight performing ride tight is perfect for demanding riders. Available in Schwarz, Light Brown, Pauline, Rock, Petal Dog Tooth or Pauline Dog Tooth; Size range up to 2X. PMS Personal Magic Sizing (Hobby Horse PMS ) cowhide PMS Lederchaps have elasticated inside the legs for a snug seat, and the suede provides a tight "grip" in the heel.

The Arena Dakota Riding Jeans have a sleek low-rise fitting and a custom fitted boot top leggin with a look of style that matches the shoes. Original mountain horse? The Rocky Ridge jacket withstands the harsh weather and offers many rider-friendly features: removable hooded front, 2-way zip with air vent, Reversible reflecting fabric on sleeve and plenty of pocket.

Boot: The Justin Ladies' Tekno Crepe Tekno Crepe Westerner is lightweight, versatile and a good option for the high performing rider in the stadium. As Nancy prepares for her first show jumping competition, she wants to ensure that the judges focus on her performances rather than her involvement. She has put together an overall of full set jodhpurs, a cravat wearing cravat, troxel crest with silk lining and troxel helmets with silk neck.

and a showgown. The zipper is in good condition with a Wintec Isabell seat, a harness and a saddlecloth. Once rolled into the Oklahoma rubbish, Katie needs several dips to wash the whites of her fur. She needs a simple cleaning procedure to make Katie shiny and showy.

"I am a beginner just starting out in training and show jumping. I' ve been on horseback for five years and only started when I purchased my first horse in 2001 at the age of 48! It is my aim to amuse myself and my horse as much as possible and to participate in training and maybe some hunting shows," says Nancy.

Kristina Harrison-Naness, training specialist, comments: If you are looking for a clinic or a show, I would suggest a special product for whites like QuicSilver. Those sprays are just as efficient for every horse colour. This conspicuous filly would like to wear protecting brushboot for school. Well, I see an interesting mix of crimson and crimson bells.

Apart from the fact that safety jackets are not permitted in the showroom itself, I suggest that you do everything you can to avoid injury. Especially for equestrian trainers there are some really appealing hairdryer accessoires that are great to have and can give you a little sparkle. Dress then, and more to the point, drive each garment exactly as you do for the show.

My preference is a simple blank squared cushion for daily life and show use - it is always stylish and with such a striking horse the blow is used. Patricia Nesto, the British products specialist, advises Nesto: Top: The equestrian competition top with shortsleeves and zipper in the front can be carried under a showcoat and has a stick band on the back.

R. J. Classics are a really beautiful race gown, with a fitting that many like, as the gowns are tailored on normal US designs and the size is comparable to those of outdoor clothing. R. J. Classics Essential dressage robe is available in various heights. Saddlecloth: Tokyo Clarion Stitched Dressage Semi Dress Board, a premium grade dressage board stitched in 1" square with a poly/felt filling.

Brite, try to do a general laundry with Brite whites. Try a White Knight Shampoo and plenty of fat on your elbows for knee or ankle improvements!

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